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    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    Yep, having this problem too. Any time I go to partition something, I get that error.
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    Snow Leopard on a Gateway NV53

    I know this is a huge bump. So I got everything working and it boots. I installed mach_kernel with OSx86 Tools v1.5. I installed chameleon, then it panicked instantly at boot. So I booted with Empire EFI, v1.085 Experimental and installed myHack. It booted fine. BUT! Now the keyboard does not work. I used the 10.6.3 retail disc I own. So I reinstalled Chameleon on top of myHack, and it boots. I still get the myHack bootloader, but the kexts now work. I have full resolution and all. The only problem I am having is that I cannot use the Keyboard and TrackPad. Any fixes?
  3. Hey everyone, thanks for the tutorial. Specs: mobo - eVGA nForce 650i Ultra Video Card - eVGA GeForce 9600GT (512mb VRAM) audio... realtek idk... usb - onboard lan - onboard. Now here's my problem. I don't have any PATA dvd drives that will read my discs. And I always get the waiting for Root Device error. I want to know how I can patch the iAtkos disc to have the new nForce ATA kext/driver. I can boot into Windows 7 to do this. help?
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    Introduce yourself.

    hey all im savage24x