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  1. Recovery partition requires Clover and I simply cannot get Clover working properly on my non-UEFI board. I just created a Mavericks USB boot disk, so will use that in case of issues.
  2. Same here - any solution to that, other than have an older Mavericks USB stick ready?
  3. Cannot boot without -f flag

    Hmm... with the new FakeSMC, sound, shutdown and the network seems to be OK...but again, only when starting with the -f switch. Without the -f switch, the bootup is much quicker but no network or shutdown. kvonlinee, what do I do with the kext utility software? Run it to rebuild cache and fix permissions?
  4. Cannot boot without -f flag

    Hi rlf and thanks for the reply. Been doing some digging around and found this. The Hack boots fine without the -f flag if I remove AppleHDA from SLE but obviously no sound. I've read somewhere that a new FakeSMC (5.3) might solve it, so I installed that. Result: success! Now, I don't need to use -f flag... but... Sound stopped working and so has the Ethernet card and so has the shutdown (it hangs just before the unit is supposed to power down with "MACH reboot" in console). I have fixed the sound by using VoodooHDA but Ethernet still doesn't work, nor does it shut down properly. So... I went back to the old FakeSMC (4.2.0) and everything is as before. Ahhhhh! Fix one thing, 10 others break... Fun, fun, fun! Mind you, it boots a few seconds quicker with the new FakeSMC... which is nice.
  5. Cannot boot without -f flag

    Hi, I've been happily using ML on my Hackintosh (specs in my sig) and have recently upgraded to Mavericks. I simply installed it over the top of ML as I have far too many apps installed to be starting from scratch. Everything seems to work fine but I cannot see to boot up without the use of the -f flag. Without it, the boot screen simply sits there with the rotating wheel. I have rebuilt my kext cache but I don't even have any mkexts in E/E or S/L/E. It *seems* to be related to my ACL662 AppleHDA kext as when I try and run kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel. I get some invalid signature message. I read that this is due to the kext being unsigned by Apple. The sound, however, seems to be working fine... Any ideas? CJ
  6. Cannot boot from hard disk

    If anyone is interested.... the issue was missing FakeSMC kexts in /Extra/Extensions folder on the hard drive. Just copied the whole folder over from the USB and it's working.
  7. Cannot boot from hard disk

    A bit more information. I have Windows 7 installed on hard drive 1 (MBR) and Mac on hard drive 2 (GUID). Does it matter which drive I put the bootloader on? I can always change the BIOS to boot from a specific drive if it needs to boot from the GUID drive.
  8. Hi, I have a Hackintosh with system specs as per my signature. I am making progress but one of the issues I seem to be stuck at trying to boot from the hard drive. I installed the OS using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] USB and can boot into Mac just fine using that. However, using either Chimera or Chameleon, the computer reboots just before the GUI is displayed. It seems to go through all the loading of kexts etc. but reboots at the end. Cannot boot using -x or -s. GraphicsEnabler is set to no as my ATI card doesn't like it but the new one should behave better. Any ideas what I can try or find out what is causing the issue? Or maybe some other bootloader? Cheers, Alex
  9. Working QE/CI on ATI Radeon HD 4550

    Would this work on Mountain Lion?
  10. Radeon 4550 graphics kext/driver?

    Still cannot get the GPU to work properly. Ordered a (very) cheap 8600GT so hopefully there will be less issues with that....
  11. Radeon 4550 graphics kext/driver?

    Hi Artur, Thanks for that. I followed the instructions and I have ATIRadeonx2000.kext and ATI4500Controller.kext loaded using Kext Helper. All the correct Dev and Vend IDs exist in the 2000 kext. However, it's still not working. The PC won't boot with GraphicsEnabler set to yes and gets stuck almost at the last point in the boot process. I've seen a few references on the web that this card isn't supported but it should surely work. I am not using any custom DSDT or SMBIOS files - everything is original from Apple Store. The installation USB was created using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] so maybe it replaced some files? Not sure... Any more tips? Or maybe I should just get a graphics card which I know will work with my system? I am not using ATIConfig as I am not sure which one to use. The family is RV710 for my GPU but it's not listed in the Chameleon drop down list. How can I check what is loaded for my card? Cheers, Alex
  12. Hi, I managed to get ML 10.8.2 going on my i5 "Hackintosh". However, I am having issues with my graphics card - ATI Radeon 4550. The vendor ID is 1002 and device ID is 9540. I used Chameleon Wizard to try and set the resolution to 1920x1200 but it doesn't get above 1600x1200. Also, there doesn't appear to be any hardware acceleration present and various transitions are rather jerky. About This Mac > Displays shows: spdisplays_display 1600 x 1200 Display 7 MB graphics From the sound of things, I don't have the correct kext loaded.... I looked all over the web but could not find anything specific for Mountain Lion - there are a few kexts for Snow Leopard and Lion but all say it would only work with those OS's. Any pointers for a Mac n00b like me? Cheers Alex