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  1. Won't boot!

    Hi all,I am trying to install Kalyways Leopard on the same disk as Windows Vista. I have done the same installation procedure for Tiger and Kalyways Leopard beta. 1. Make the Mac partition active. 2. Reeboted and boot up with the install disc. 3. Goto diskutility, formating the disc to HFS+ 4. Chooses: Vanilla, nvidia drivers, sound drivers and MBR for boot. 5. Restarts and ends up with black screen with a blinking cursor in the left corner. No darwing booter, nothing.Would really appreciate fast answers! Kind Regards! I have seen I have posted this in wrong forum, can a moderator please move this post?
  2. Dualboot?

    Hi, Does someone knows how to dualboot Kalyways Leopard and Windows vista? Kind Regards!
  3. Kalyways Leopard install image?

    I had it up and running, but when the dualboot didn't work I removed it. And now I am just running Vista and waiting for someone who can help me with dualbooting. I don't think it is safe to use bootcamp in Osx86 and Leopard beta.
  4. Kalyways Leopard install image?

    Hi all, I want to thank all for the great work with these coming release both Tiger and Leopard I have sucessfully installed Kalyways Leopard BUT. I waint to dualboot Leopard with my Vista as I did before with Tiger. I have done the same thing as before, I followed one of yours guides. When I choose Leopard on startup it doesn't even try to load the chain0. If someone have successfully got a dualboot please help. The second thing I have problem is that the first time I log in to Leopard it sasy it couldn't install the natit drivers. If someone can help I will be really happy ^^ Regards!
  5. Latest DVD?

    Hi, Which is the latest install DVD out now? Regards!
  6. Panic!

    Hi, I have succeeded to install Osx86 on my partition. But when I try to boot up Osx86 I get error and need to reboot my computer. Can someone please help me? Regards!
  7. Partition help!

    Hi all, I am using the guide: OSX 10.4.10 / Vista dual boot (Intel/AMD). But I am stuck at the point there I shall set an partition as active. Whne I type active on the selected partition diskpart says "The selected partition can't be marked as an active partition because of it's type.". What shall I do to make it as active. Before I installed Vista I used Partition Magic 8 to make partitions in Windows XP. Right now I have one for windows, one for Osx86, and one for stuff. Kind Regards!
  8. Solution for Marvell Yukon 88E8053 on 10.4.8

    Hi! How shall I edit to get it work? Please explain more ^^ Many thanks!
  9. Hi! I saw this on piratebay if someone is interested!.... Regards!
  10. backup?

    Just try search on google...i found: CompuApps DriveWizard For Mac OS X V1....I don't know if it works on OSx86. Here is the link if you want to test: http://www.topshareware.com/CompuApps-Driv...nload-39246.htm Regards!
  11. Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen

    Hi! I don't know if you have done it or not. Can you make Auto detection for Nvidia also? Many thanks!
  12. Just curious...

    Hi, I'm just curious which apps that iw working with Jas 10.4.8 SSE3? Final Cut, Adobe Photoshop etc. Is OSx86 a stable OS yet, or is it many bugs etc. (I don't mean problems with drivers and etc.)? I am about to buy this laptop and I can't wait to install OSx86 on it: Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz (supporting SSE3) RAM: 4 GB DDR2 Harddrive: 2x100GB SATA 7200rpm 8mb cache (intel chip) Motherboard: Intel P915 + ICH6 Graphic: Nvidia Geforce GO 7900 GTX Soundcard: Intel Azalia And more stuff ^^ What I have read, OSx86 should work ok? I shall test Regards!
  13. Kernel question...

    Hi! As I said in a port before I am new in this scene. I just wonder what does the Semthex and mifki do? Do I need these kernel for intel or it is just AMD users? Do I need them in the 10.4.8 SSE3 release? Regards!
  14. New to OSX86...

    Have you forgotten me?.... Regards//Rickard
  15. New to OSX86...

    It is good to know all of this stuff, that's why I am asking ;D But there is nothing else to worry about, like network card etc., I have heard that people have many problems with USB 2.0? Do you guys have any recomended settings when installing? This is an laptop, so you know. And are there out good tutorials for OSx86 10.4.8 with dual OS installing, so i can choose OS on startup? Sorry for my noob questions, I am new to this with OSx86 and I want everything to work smooth ^^ Many thanks for your answers this far!