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  1. I don’t want to “pirate” any movies, but would like to rip DVD Prince of Persia that I bought into my computer so I can put them on my iPod. Any ways to rip copy protected DVD's with many chapters/episodes etc? Which software allows me to do it? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. i bought this macbook pro recently and i downloaded MacTheRipper to rip my dvds. however after insert the DVD in the drive, MacTheRipper displays "DISC RCE: -DETECTED-", so what's this mean? im i missing something or do i need another program, any help please?
  3. Firefox Mac users please read!

    Thanks for your sharing, useful information for me
  4. Hello, I’m thinking about upgrade my Mac computer and I want to be able to convert my multi-track HD video (mkv format) to my iPad. Can I do this? Do I need some converting tool cauz I found my iPad can’t play mkv video? Will I lose the HD quality? What should I do if I want to keep the HD quality? Is there special software I need? PS. Any solution choose audio language track for the multi-track HD video? I guess I've become out of the tech loop in the past ten years and technology has passed me by. Please help.
  5. I did not use DVDfab, but winx dvd ripper for mac. http://www.winxdvd.com/dvd-ripper-for-mac/
  6. It is said that the Apple iPhone 4 boasts of more than 100 changes and improvements from previous models. The following is the top ten I gathered from somewhere which you might most want to consider before deciding whether to upgrade. 1) Multi tasking. Now that I have mastered chewing gum and walking in a straight line at the same time I can do two things at once on my phone as well. I can do things like listen to music while reading an iBook. Double clicking on the Home button gives you a list of the applications which are currently running. 2) More voice control. Having a conversation with a machine never loses its appeal no matter how many times you do it and the iPhone OS 4 had more capability in this area than any other phone. 3) Enhanced on screen display. The images on the screen are now fabulously clear, even when you zoom in and out as much as possible. 4) Easier organization. The simple yet effective addition of Smart Folders lets you organise all your files just the way you want to. It might not sound like much but it will make your life a lot easier. 5) Longer battery life. The more efficient chip housed inside the stylish case uses less power. This means that you can get up to 40 hours music playback time. 6) Better camera. You can now take better pictures and videos than ever with the iPhone OS 4. 7) Higher quality phone calls. The additional microphone and noise reduction system mean that you will be able to have more meaningful conversations in noisy places. 8) Visual voice mail. This handy feature lets you choose the order in which you pick up messages. 9) Better looking than ever. Not you, the phone. 10) Games centre. Now you have access to more games, social gaming network options and all the features and stats you can safely handle on your Apple iPhone 4. Except the ten I have mentioned, show me what you consider most
  7. Mac Problem?

    No reply Should I need to reinstalled my system?
  8. Apple Logo on Windows?

    Hanging out, your guys really meke me a little confused. Most mac users are dislike windows, bu t you want to post an apple logo on it. Over my head.
  9. Oblivion 100% Playble

    Can't believe that two years latter, this thread still hot. Worth my look. LOL...
  10. Mac Problem?

    Several days ago I adopted a Mac that was going to be thrown away. I figured I could work on it and get it working, but it turns out I’m over my head. As far as I know my Mac is with Mac OS X version 10 something (I only go to the info screen once and dont remember the exact version). Here's the problem: -it freezes at random times, it’s never the same. -sometimes it wont get past the apple loading screen. -on rare occasions it will let me move the mouse and click on stuff, but when i go to open a programs, say WinX HD Video Converter for Mac, I get the beach ball of death. Granted, I am completely Mac illiterate,I know all the shortcuts and stuff for PCs but not Macs. I was hoping I could get some direction here.