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  1. My girlfriend just installed this program onto her MPB running OS X 10.6.2 and it looked like everything went fine then she received this error. "SPSS Error # 2072, specific symptom # 188 When attempting to launch SPSS, you may encounter the following error: The current license does not permit this job to continue. followed by... Error # 2072 There was an unanticipated problem with the license for this product. This command not executed. Specific symptom number: 188 This is most likely caused by an incorrect system date on the computer. Please correct the system date on your machine, correct it if necessary, and re-launch SPSS. It may be necessary to re-run the License Authorization Wizard." http://8help.osu.edu/3665.html We've done everything we can as far as looking for support through SPSS' website, online, mac forums and so on. So far this is the most help we've found. Does anyone know what is going on? SPSS support email box is down (shocker) and their support website doesn't allow her to log in, despite her being a registered user and their install guides that came with the program specifically saying that the support site is for installation issues. She has run the re-install wizard already and yes the system time and date are all correct. The only thing I can think of is one of two potential issues. 10.6.2 is the problem, do I need to get her back to OS X 10.5? or.... She had firefox as her default browser when she installed SPSS, I wouldn't think this would make a difference but who knows. Could un-installing SPSS and having Safari as the default?