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  1. [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Hey Vlada, because of the forum crash I can't download any of your files. Could you please upload them somewhere else? I just upgraded from a Radeon HD 5770 that worked out of the box, unfortunately my new card does not Nevermind. I got the files when I googled the filenames and found them on another site where you posted them as well. Thank you for this well written How To.
  2. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    Oops, I'm sorry. I must have overlooked that it was renamed. I just assumed that since I got it from SVN it must be the newest available Thank you for your thorough reply.
  3. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting IntelCPUMonitor to properly detect my CPU frequencies. I'm using the latest version from SVN. During boot Chimera detects the following: CPU: Brand String: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU L7700 @ 1.80GHz CPU: Vendor: 0x756e6547 CPU: Family / ExtFamily: 0x6 / 0x0 CPU: Model / ExtModel / Stepping: 0xf / 0x0 / 0xb CPU: Number of Cores / Threads: 2 / 2 CPU: Features: 0x0000034f CPU: TSC Frequency: 1795 MHz CPU: FSB Frequency: 179 MHz CPU: CPU Frequency: 1795 MHz CPU: Minimum Bus Ratio: 0 CPU: Maximum Bus Ratio: 0 CPU: Current Bus Ratio: 10 While IntelCPUMonitor detects: Aug 1 20:52:30 localhost kernel[0]: IntelCPUMonitor: CPU family 0x6, model 0xf, stepping 0xb, cores 2, threads 2 Aug 1 20:52:30 localhost kernel[0]: IntelCPUMonitor: Using efi Aug 1 20:52:30 localhost kernel[0]: IntelCPUMonitor: BusClock=179MHz FSB=718MHz Aug 1 20:52:30 localhost kernel[0]: IntelCPUMonitor: Platform string M75 Aug 1 20:52:30 localhost kernel[0]: IntelCPUMonitor: CPU Tjmax 100 Furthermore, I had to manually set Tjmax to 100, which is the correct value for my processor. If I left it on autodetect (0), then my laptop would reproducably freeze during boot when my cpu temperature is higher than approximately 65°C, right after displaying: localhost kernel[0]: IntelCPUMonitor: Based on code by mercurysquad, superhai (C)2008 Does anybody know how I can get IntelCPUMonitor to show the correct values for my processor?