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  1. seamanca

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Thanks JoE-V. My machine got everything works well at iaktos 10.5.7, then update to 10.5.8. For Iaktos S2 10.6.4 now I have, actually I am OK with that since performance is better than 10.5.7 even, wireless Dell 1490 works perfected just out of box. Hopefully, there is any BCM5754 driver can work for SL, so Ethernet can works on my machine. Then I will be all set. I don't know where is the source code available, maybe I can do some changes and try. I will try empire TFI later, see how it works.
  2. seamanca

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Thanks a lot JaE-V! I have been tried to install previous driver for my 8800m GTX with Nvwin1.2.5 and apply Nvidia enabler after that. It did not work as on Iaktos 10.5.8. So now I am using the default installation for my graphic and just change the default plist in boot setting to 1900x1200, then works. Sounds movie player such like VLC works fine. I do not what kind of default DVD installed to my machine. If you also have a working driver for 8800m GTX for SL10.6.3, could you please send me one as well. Your help is much appreciated!
  3. seamanca

    Help Dell xps 1530

    The voodo one works for sound and for keyboard mouse you can use another vooodo from select tree. Try to select as less as possible to make you system work and shutdown successfully at first. Then add later. Hope that helps.
  4. seamanca

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Hi, Anyone have BCM5754 kext for SL 10.6.3? Here is the story: I had the BCM5754 card and wifi work well in iaktos 10.5.7. Now I am trying to install 10.6.3 to my Dell M1730. Everything works except BCM5754, device_is [14E4 1672]. I installed my previous kext for Ethernet. But BCM5754 does not work, no MAC address, not network status after manually set IP, still show unplug network. No Ethernet device shows from terminal command line. Also, I tried BCM5787 package from DVD. After installed successfully, change device_id I get device loaded with status Unknown. Then manually set IP get connection status, even get MAC address successfully. Can get device eth1, active,… shows at terminal screen. But end up still can not get Ethernet work. I think BC5787 drive probably can not work on BCM5754 card. I wonder if anybody runs into the same issues. @nobbix Do you have kext for BCM5754 for iaktos 10.6.3? Thanks for help!
  5. seamanca

    Help Dell xps 1530

    I did install s2 10.6.3 to my XPS M1730. Boot from DVD, select some basic stuff as you did for 10.5.7. Wifi works with DW1490 out of box. But I did not get my BCM5754M work on 5787 driver from DVD. Hope that helps.
  6. Anybody can send me a live seed. Thanks
  7. I did install Iaktos v7 successfully on my dell laptop with all video, network, wifi works. But I need to install S3 or up. One seed file I got only has corrupted iso image. Thanks for posting any new workable seed.
  8. I am looking for any link or torrent seed which is still live now. Thanks for posting any link or seed attachment!