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  1. Bootdisk Utility

  2. Ati 4530 Finally!

    would you please upload your working kexts? thank you
  3. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    thank you usb not working if sleep i can't get out sleep, mouse and keyboard is usb how i can have perfect machine to apply my music applications?
  4. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    thank you Mald0n
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    would you please help me with this one? MSI ms - 7285 with AMD Athlon 3500+ it is not in last update , many thanks for efforts ACPI.zip
  6. Thanks to TapTun now we have anew Mach_kernel . Now we have all cores working . Awesome !!
  7. can you please send me link to pkg installer for boot i can install to have dual boot win7 and lion? then i will replace the boot dsdt patched by MaLdon and i used his way to install lion on my Hp thankss for keeping help me
  8. when i used your boot it panic IOACPIFamily.kext error allready cpus=1 so i replaced with the working one which stuck on loading from legacy space? what i have to do? i'm 10.7.2 mbp 5.1 Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r1083 thank you for trying to help others
  9. hi thank you for files but when ge=y it stuck saying loading vbios from legacy space and not booting! another thing used evoenabler i got it work but internal is strange colore i can't use it, only i can change res with xres soft please help when all people got there cards work stops helpeing!!! sorry for bad english
  10. ATI4650mobility brandnew kexts from OSX 10.7.2 beta

    i have now working with QE/CE but interrupted colors on internal LCD, i did EDID edit and it shows HP LCD i can change resolution by Xres, when try to capture the screen i only see the fuzzy color but i opened the file on windows i saw normal colors !!!! i toke photo with phone to asks you where is my mistake , please help me
  11. ATI4650mobility brandnew kexts from OSX 10.7.2 beta

    thank you anyway for your reply
  12. ATI4650mobility brandnew kexts from OSX 10.7.2 beta

    thanks for update i will try them with my device 95531002 asking you for the best boot loader to work with yours? link please and what about enabling the 2 cores of cpu? i can't boot without cpus=1 for the old kexts it gives me card posted 9553 but not loading atifb, any solutions? thank you
  13. will try and tell you what happened , thank you Ps: please i post in your guide page take a look
  14. HI smartie77 thank you for wonderful guide , i'm trying with you kexts to adjust my hp dv6 but i did stupid mistake , i did replaced Trackpad prefpane of OSX ( in /S/L/prefpanes ) would you please uploade to original for me again, sorry i didn't see the warning you type in clear way second thing is your cpu works 2 cores? i can boot only with cpus=1 please help third can i do any modification to be able to have my ati mobility redon 4530 work? it would be very great from you thank you in advance again very nice guide thank you Edit: i saw your reply now about to give it try to enable my ati, thank you for your kindly reply>> now will try need the best boot for lion and ati please link please Edit2: put my id 95531002 into aty and ati4600 give me card posted at startup **device --1** when adj pciroot=1 but not work!