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  1. Hi! Eddie, first of all i want to thank you for this fantastic release. i do have a few questions about this release. ive successfully installed this to my AMD Machine, however all my devices dont have kext support. can you give me some advice on how to get them working. my issues are Graphic - Nvdia FX5500 AGP Audio - Viachipset Network - Viachipset Sata - Via8237 - this one is detected during installation but after install is done, it wont initialize anymore. Thanks
  2. Apple Keyboard and Mouse

    Thanks for the quick reply
  3. Hello everyone im having a problems with my keyboard and mouse in my hackintosh, it seems that they are not working together. my question is can a legitimate apple keyboard and apple mouse (e.g. mighty mouse) will work on a non apple computer. i wish to use it on my IBM Desktop PC, since i was running a dual boot.
  4. the torrent is not working... tracker status always offline... is there any mirror to download this patch?
  5. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    What version of installer did you use? is it Mac OSx86 Intel.AMD SSE2/SSE3 10.4.8 or the other one which is Mac OSx86 Intel.AMD SSE2/SSE3 10.4.8 ppfv1 integrated
  6. Help for a Noob?

    hey don't be mad i didn't say anything wrong with you. was my statement offend you?
  7. SSE3 help

    install the patches that your current hardware needs. do not install other patches that you will not use. sometimes it cause conflicts
  8. 10.4.8 OSX ISO

    Find to your Favorite Torrent Web Sites
  9. Which Mobo?

    go to this website and the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) of the Mac Version you want to install. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  10. Help for a Noob?

    from the way i see it, i guess u can barely run Mac, since u have Pentium D Processor, i prefer JaS DVD iso for installation the big challenge for you is fixing your hardware like Display, Sound and Network Controllers, well everybody has a problem of that.. including me.
  11. The Preparation

    theres no software you need to download, all you have to do is burn your ISO file to a blank DVD and get started installing Mac to your PC right away, after your download finish. if your using Windows, burn the ISO file in Nero Burning ROM software. either version 6 or 7 much better. the iso file contains all utilities you will need for installation.
  12. New installation

    try this site you can find some usefull information and installation guides for installing MaccOSx86 to your Pc. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  13. How to install OSX86 ? (steps)

    use PPF-O-Matic. its a freeware
  14. Hi! Im new here (:

    Upgrade means replace your existing Computer component/parts. from the way i see it, since you only have AMD Sempron 2400, it is limited only to SSE Instructions. Mac OS needs at least SSE2 or SSE3 Multimedia Instructions. SSE3 is a CPU Features, that your Current Computer don,t have.
  15. OSx86 Installation

    i Agree with Zizou. Mr. p3nixn try sending an IM to a user and ask for the link in private.