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  1. Hello there, I had everything working under 10.8.5 with Chimera Bootloader. I needed to upgrade my system (xCode 6 requires at least Mavericks) so i decided to switch to Clover and jump to Yosemite. Everything is working like a charm, even better than before, but my second GPU, an XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770, stopped to work! I tried to edit DSDT and i tried to look around and other many ways but i couldn't make it work. I can boot normally but only the screens connected to my GTX 770 are working. To enable the 5770 i have to add the device+vendor id (0x68B81002) to AMD5000Controller.kext's info.plist but when i boot into the OS the ATI monitor turns on (black with backlight turned on) and the nVidia's monitor turns off (neither backlight is on) and it stuck there. In the log i see exactly when this happens: ** GPU Hardware VM is disabled (multispace: disabled, page table updates with DMA: disabled) I tried to add the FB name in clover settings (Vervet), tried to inject and not ATI and a lot of other things but i didn't succeed to make both work like it was before on Chimera&10.8, i dunno what else to do. Any suggestions? PS: Logging without adding the Device-ID in the kext i notice a "ATY,Vervet: Not usable", but guess it's caused from the missing device id. I attach DarwinDump with ioreg, Clover Config, ACPI Tables, SSDTs, etc. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cdw0kmzw4gxvu7h/DarwinDumper_2.9.7_AMI_X64_3168_Yos_zeus.zip?dl=0 Thanks, Lju