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  1. Attachments are no longer available ... The author or any Moderator or Admin could restore them? Thanks and great job! Edit: When I try to download any file attached forum gives me Error: Oops! Something went wrong! My problem or forum?
  2. Genuine apple card issues

    Hello, LatinMcG! Also I have a wifi card AR5B91 like yours, but since I upgraded from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 Lion, I have problems ... Basically start with-v tells me it can not load the kext atheros and crashes, the system does not start, I start to remove the wifi card. Tested both with AR5B91 that with AR9285 using the patch DSDT: Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package () { "AAPL,slot-name", Buffer () {"AirPort"}, "device-id", Buffer () {0x2A, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}, "device_type", Buffer () {"AirPort"}, "model", Buffer () {"Atheros 9285 8802.11 b/g/n Wireless Network Adapter"}, "subsystem-id", Buffer () {0x8F, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}, "subsystem-vendor-id", Buffer () {0x6B, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } You have these problems? To solve it I have to do with the rebrand ROM of the card WIFI?
  3. Hi all! @juanerson Thanks for the advice! Since I am waiting for the CPU upgrade I wanted to see if you could get AppleHDA patched to AD1981HD. The user janek202 developer "HDA Wizard" could patcharre AppleHDA to get sound too vanilla. To find out if he can do he told me this: If you want me to include more defaults binpatches, post a command like this: CODE sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x85\x08\xec\x10|\x88\x08\xec\x10|g' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA @juanerson You're the best person you could continue my request? Because I can not look to upgrade the CPU and I disassembled the Nootebook. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=266531&st=100 I hope that we can have Vanilla AppleHDA for HP 6720s!
  4. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    @janek202 you can make the patch?
  5. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    Can you add bin patch for AD1981HD? please. Thanks! AD1981_HP6720s_codecDump.zip AD1981HD.pdf dsdt.dsl_Merom.zip
  6. Ok! Then mount a T7500 Merom will replaced (http://ark.intel.com/it/products/29761/intel-core2-duo-processor-t7500-(4m-cache-2_20-ghz-800-mhz-fsb))
  7. Ok! Allora provvederò a montarci un T7500 Merom (http://ark.intel.com/it/products/29761/intel-core2-duo-processor-t7500-(4m-cache-2_20-ghz-800-mhz-fsb)) Grazie tante del tuo aiuto, se volete vi faro sapere poi come mi è andata ;-) saluti!
  8. Ottimo! con " pcj kernel " ha funzionato! Quindi ci vuole per forza un kernel patchato per il Celeron 550... Mi sapresti consigliare il kernel equivalente patchato per Lion? Mi piacerebbe metterci su Lion! Grazie intanto
  9. Perdonami! È che mi piacerebbe installare Lion Retail. Allora l'installazione si È avviata e ho installato iatkos s3 v2 con le seguenti caratteristiche: Bootloader: pc efi 10.6 Boot Options: 32bit, USB Patches: extra directory, fakesmc, Disabler, EVO Reboot, Sleep Enabler , USB Modified Kernels: qoopz 10.3.0 Drvers: vodoo HDA, Vodoo PS/2, GMA x3100 framebuffer (32bit), Wireles Broadcom, Wired Intel Gigabit Italiano Come in altri post simili al mio.... Ma mi permane sempre lo stesso problema! Ho provato tanti tipi diversi di kernel ma niente. Eppure funziona col kernel vanilla, allora dov'È il problema?
  10. With pre answered me! So my main problem is: I can not boot Retail Lion! chameloeon starts in practice, then choose to boot from HD. Chameleon loads only its files and then the screen remains black. Do not even start to load the operating system. Here attached the report involved all the information on my notebook: http://www.mediafire.com/?jdgk7e1bvldd9r5
  11. I updated the BIOS with the same version of "juanerson" But nothing has changed .... Do you have any idea?
  12. Grazie della risposta! Provato iAtkos L2 Lion ma non funge.... Ho cercato un po sula rete kernel per Celeron ma sinceramente non sembra che sia necessario dato che la CPU esegue le istruzioni come i normali dualcore. Ho pure aggiornato il bios, ma nulla semplicemente non carica l'OS ma i file di chameleon si.... Avete idee? La cosa non mi va giù dato che molti usano HP 6720s per Hack e gli funge bene!
  13. Salve ragazzi! Ho un grande problema con il mio Hp 6720s Celeron 550! Come faccio sempre per le mie installazioni Retail Ripristino l'immagine del sistema operativo (Snow leopard o Lion) e dopo installo i bootloader e infine i Kext/Dsdt. Il mio problema è che appena parte il bootloader (-v) carica solo i suoi file e poi rimane nero non inizia a caricare il sistema operativo quindi non ho KP. Provato con "Lion 10.7.2" e con "Snow Leopard 10.6.3" usando Chameleon-2.1svn-r1764. Con chameleon rc5 v1083 appena compare la schermata grigia con la mela subito si riavvia, la stessa cosa lo fa pure con l'ultimo chameleon di Tonymacx! Ragazzi Aiutatemi per piacere! Ecco in allegato il Report coin tutte le informazioni sul mio Notebook: http://www.mediafire.com/?jdgk7e1bvldd9r5
  14. Hi guys! I have a big problem with my HP 6720s Celeron 550! As I always do for my installations Retail Restoring the image of the operating system (Snow Leopard or Lion) and after I install the bootloader and then the kext / dsdt. My problem is that just part of the bootloader (-v) only loads its files and then stays black start loading the operating system so I have no KP. Tested with "10.7.2 Lion" and "Snow Leopard 10.6.3" using Chameleon-r1764-2.1svn. With Chameleon v1083 rc5 just the gray screen appears with the apple will restart, the same thing he does well with the last of Tonymacx chameleon! Help me guys! (I am Italian and use Google Translate)
  15. @Leon Hong The hope is last to die! Please tell me the steps you did to get these files? You could do the reverse engineering of "AppleIntelGMAX3100FB" so as to compare the differences with "AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB"? Thank you in advance for your time!