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  1. works awesome on my 10.6.3 ---> 10.6.5 thanks!!!
  2. cool i will do. I noticed that whenever i try going to youtube in safari, it pretty much locks up and i have to force quit. so i got firefox. and firefox works fine. but safari still locks up.??? pretty strange. anyways thanks for your help
  3. maybe ill just grab one of my hard drives layin around and try it. ive done a handful of other hackintosh, dual boot, and tripple boot systems. i guess i see how it turns out lol.
  4. thanks so much MSOK! The cpuid mask made it so i can use my retail copy 10.6.3. i kept getting the cpu error. now its updated to 10.6.5 and i removed the cpuid mask. i am still having problems with hanging on grey apple screen every couple of restarts. also sleep problem i believe. if i dont touch vmware for a little while then snow leopard is basically frozen. and when i try and go to some websites, snow leopard freezes and all i get is the little colorful spinny icon instead of the mouse. core i7 920. HP Pavilion Elite HPE-170f. IPMTB-TK mb with the intel x58 express chipset. vmware 7.0.0 build-203739. host os is win7 x64. anymore help is much appreciated!
  5. just for the record. i have this same hpe-170f system. osx through vmware 7.0.0 build-203739. host os it win7 x64. and its working great so far. i know its not a hackintosh but works well never the less. except i have no audio yet. thats the only problem. still working on it. as far as the video with the "hp" gtx 260. no problems with vmware tools installed. used the darwin311 iso. maybe ill just have to hackintosh the thing and make the complete switch!!