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  1. The NSPanel Thread

    I'm Using this,,, Thanx Diabolik,,,
  2. Disabling ds_store and .file creation on all volumes?

    ds_store = thumb.db on Win.Am i Right,,,? TotalFinder can store ds_store on one place, not on all drives.
  3. [Solved] Blue Screen after changing resolution or refresh

    Same here, i'm using VGA port now,,, My Graphics Card is 8400GS 512MB with 1 DVI and 1 VGA,,,
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Hallo,,, My AMD Rig with OSX on it,,, Thanx to All InsanelyMac Members,,, Success 4 u All,,,
  5. Thanx for this Utility,,, I've been tried this on SL,,, And it works like a charm,,, Easy kext management utility,,, Success for you all,,,
  6. Essential Applications and Utilites

    I love total finder,,, Free until version 1, after that only $15,,, Hope it'll give for free,,, wew,,,
  7. The Best Bootloader

    i'm using EmpireEFI4AMD, because i'm AMD user.. It came with myhack_installer,,, Easy post installation process,,,