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  1. Hi all, I've been having relatively the same frustrations. The only time I got QE/CI to work on my GTX 260 was in 10.6.4. No idea why, but ever since I upgraded from there I can't get it back. Done the whole dance with the gfx strings and the enabler kexts, upgraded to chameleon RC5 rev8 with GraphicsEnabler, took out the gfx strings and all NV* kexts in S/L/E, tried editing my dsdt.aml as per the second post (resulted in kernel panic even in single user), and here I am. Currently in 10.6.7, with just GraphicsEnabler as the only thing on trying to get it to work. No QE/CI, but it displays my card correctly in system profiler. After such a terrible kernel panic I'm pretty uncomfortable editing my DSDT file... Barker mentioned earlier that he edited the NVDANV50 kext and that worked? Is it possible you could post your edited kext? I've been battling this card trying to get it accelerated for months. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I'll attach my DSDT in an rtf in the event there's anything worthwhile in it. dsdt.rtf
  2. Waves GUI problem

    Interesting. Loaded Nitit, NVEnabler, and NVinject, didn't make a bit of difference. I've noticed Spaces, the Flurry screensaver, and after your suggestion Chess.app all run extremely choppy, and have always have been. I've removed the other following graphics kexts as they kept me from loading into the gui (just got a black screen): NVDANV40Hal NVDANV50Hal NVDAResman NVSMU Running 10.6.2 vanilla with an EVGA Geforce GTX260. Any other ideas?
  3. Waves GUI problem

    Having the same issue. A poster in the "anyone run pro tools on a hackintosh" thread said that he fixed the issue by updating Natit and stuff. About to try this myslef
  4. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Well, on first boot of Pro Tool LE 8.0.4 (released yesterday) on my newly hackintoshed system running snow leo 10.6.2, I got tons of messages saying that Pro Tools wasn't installed correctly and that there were registry errors. This was after having brought it over from my Macbook's time machine backup via Migration Assistant. It proceeded to start anyway, only after not loading the authorizations for any of my IK Multimedia plug-ins. So I dive further and try just playing one of my already recorded projects. 3 seconds in and I get the elusive -6087 error. Pro Tools doesn't crash out, but I can't go more than 3 seconds without getting this error. I just now uninstalled and reinstalled Pro Tools to 8.0. I tried starting it up knowing it's not compatible with snow leo once booted, but just to see if I still get the same start up errors; I do. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated 10.6.2 Snow Leopard x64 (Vanilla) Pro Tools LE 8.0.4 (also tested 8.0) DIGI 003 Rack+ EVGA X58 SLI Intel i7-920 6 GB GSkill 1600 EVGA GTX 260 D-Link DWA-556 003 is plugged into the red firewire port on the mobo
  5. Posting to reply that kamikaze's posted AtherosFix worked perfectly for my DWA-556. Installed using kextutility to S/L/E, and did not repair or change any permissions afterward. Worked instantly on the next boot. Cheers! EVGA X58 3-Way SLI Intel i7-920 1.5 TB WC Black HD 6 GB GSkill 1600 EVGA GTX 260 Snow Leo 10.6.2