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  1. Okay so I've read hundreds upon hundreds of pages of walkthroughs to get the ATI 2400XT (0x94c11002) up. Right now when the computer starts, both screens come up and it gets the desktop, however... as soon as it shows the splash desktop, the screen stops refreshing. The mouse still moves around like it should but NOTHING else gets updated. If I click where DISK UTILITY would be, it is loading but nothing on the screen is ever happening(though it's clearly working). So if I boot into safe mode ( -x ) both screens how up fine and it works like it should but no QE. I don't know if QE is supposed to work in Safe Mode, so maybe that is what is locking it up. Either way I need QE for iMovie. Can someone please try to help me out? Thank you, Scott If you need to know what method I used to get the card to work, I am the last post on the 2400HD sticky (page 28 top)
  2. Okay I got it to work!!! Well, the dual monitor (no mirror) works, but the QE doesn't, even after putting Megalodon in the EFI Code/kext code. The instructions I followered were actually for 10.5.5 even though I am on 10.5.8 I followed those instructions here. CLICK HERE Some things to keep in mind. When you literally copy and paste the code in EFI Studio under the DISPLAY information (pciroot (0x4), etcetc) DO NOT CHANGE THAT AT ALL. When adding the hardware address to the info.plist, PUT it in the correct order. I put the 0x94c11002 before the 0x94c81002. It might have nothing to do with it, but I've literally spend close to 15+hours in front of the machine trying to get this to work, so if you are desperate, cant hurt. I next loaded OSX TOOLS and choose the 3 top scripts to run, which (if I remember correctly) were Repair Permissions, Something about the extended cache and then clearing the extended cache. The first 3 options. Then I rebooted with -v -f and all is well, minus what I am about to post here is the problem The screen locks up immediately after loading the background (ideneb stock background). The mouse still moves and if you click on things that are normally there, you are clicking on them, but there is no screen refresh at all so you have no idea. the interesting part about this is, if you boot into safe mode (-x) the drivers still load (as in both screens are shown up) and you can move around just fine, set resolutions, refresh rates, run the computer like it should be. This is how I know QE isn't enabled (unless thats part of the SAFE MODE prowess, please inform if thats the casE). So obviously something that is loaded is conflicting with the video driver when its in NORMAL boot up. Any info on what it could be? I checked for NATIT.kext and it wasn't there. No ATY_INject either. Any pro care to help us frustrated people out even more? Sorry for the book.
  3. This has been a ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE for me. I started with Ideneb v1.3 (10.5.5) and followed the install steps to update to 10.5.8 I have ATI 2400XT (0x94c11002) (Small form factor on a Dell Optiplex 755 SFF) and i have read AT LEAST 10 hours of forums trying to get this to work. I've tried the 2 different installers. I have tried the various instructions here at the page. I am not sure if the Frame buffer doesn't have permissions but I tried all the previous tried things, reparied permissions and then rebooted. I am using the latest B.loader Chameleon RC4 and even typing "Graphics Mode"="1920x1440x32" caps me at 1600x1200. I am using an Apple Cinema Display 23" plastic clear bezel. I have read close to 4 years worth of forum information. And not once have I gotten close. I was able to install NATIT.kext which was fine but the second you install ATIx2000.kext, after reboot you get a scrambled screen. If you let it sit long enough it goes to a "windows" blue background, than a royal blue background, than an all white background. no cursor. If you hold the power button to restart, you can see BITS of the screen, in no particular order. I don't think I have the ATI Bios, so maybe that's the problem? Any help...please? Obviously I am on Leopard and NOT snow leopard as my 10.5.8 is my updates. I can provide more details if needed, but I come from an x86 background/ dos so hang tight with me while I learn Linux/unix commands please:)