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    Toshiba NB305 Laptop

    Hi friends, Well i want to buy a laptop in few days but i m confused which one should i take, As i have read over on net and found several branded laptop such hp,lenovo,dell,Accer toshiba. and amazing design, Actually i was bored with my desktop because i can't shift anywhere,Recently i m watching FIFA worldcup and got many problem in work. so finally i decided to take a laptop so i can work anywhere even i watch Tv or away from home. I came across from a site and i have seen toshiba laptop and i really liked it don't it's a good brand or not but design is really cool. Here is the site that i just came here from this site - Toshiba NB305 Laptop They have mentioned really great info about this laptop and want to take your advice. Give me your suggestion and advice to buy this laptop or not .. Regards kemroon