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  1. Quick question - I have 10.6.8 running on workstation 7 - installed the vmware tools and the svga patch, how ever I cannot get preview to view any of my pictures and the videos in youtube do not work. I can view flash though. Any ideas? Specs: fujitsu tablet T5010 Core 2 duo P8600 2.4ghz Intel Graphics (GMA 4500) 4gb ram
  2. Sorry for not looking through the 111 pages, but did not find anything on preview not being able to view pictures. running VMware workstation 7.1 with OSX 10.6.8, I did manage to get the tools installed however, I cannot view any pictures on disk nor can I view any videos on youtube. Any ideas? edit: I guess I just found out that i'm supposed to use rosetta! d'oh! Running it on my fujitsu tablet - T5010 Specs: Core2Duo 2.4ghz Intel GMA 4500 graphics 5300 wifi
  3. Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC - installed OSX 10.6.3

    There is finally a beta out for the intel wifi 5100/5300: http://www.hackint0sh.org/f214/91682.htm
  4. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    I have searched high and low, and all point to a dead end. I'm going to simply get a wifi adapter. >_<
  5. Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC - installed OSX 10.6.3

    Any kexts out for the wireless?
  6. Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC - installed OSX 10.6.3

    I know its been a long time, and I haven't even come back in a while, but was wondering if anyone ever got the wireless kext? and/or the webcam? Or even if the new versions of hackintosh work out of the box?
  7. Hey guys I'm trying to install iatkos7 v3 s2 on my Fujitsu t5010 and here are my specs: Intel Core™2 Duo Processor P860016 (2.4GHz, 3MB, 1066MHz) - Intel® WiFi Link 5300AGN (3x3) network connection Intel 4500MHD graphics RealTek ALC269 audio I've got a wacom digitizer on the screen as well since it is a tablet pc. I just need to know what drivers to install with in the customize screen? I installed it first time w/ default drivers, my keyboard and mousepad did not work, so I had to plug in external usb keyboard/mouse. My internal lan nor wifi worked. It did say my bluetooth worked, and my camera worked as well. Is there any other info I need to know in order to figure out how to get leopard working? also, now when I restart, it says boot error 0x000 or something, and the only way I can boot into win7 is if i boot into the iatkos cd and then choose the hdd to boot with. Thanks in advanced! this is the chipset (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, GMA 965 chipset
  8. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    Ok, so reading through all of this, it seems as though there still is YET to be a driver for the Intel 5300 wifi?
  9. Ok, so I'm in the same boat as the other Fujitsu users, trackpad and keyboard are a no go. Worse, I can't get online via wifi or lan. I'm trying to learn on how to do all the kext stuff, but no idea where to start? where are these fixes and where do I install them?
  10. Hello Gentlemen, running a Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC with a WD 320GB 7200rpm HDD. Will attempt to dual boot with the chameleon bootloader tomorrow, however this is the current progress. Successfully installed OSX, with a few bugs. Report: Working: Audio Video Bluetooth Webcam (built in) Processor recognized Not working: Keyboard Mousepad Lan/Wireless device tablet/wacom device (pen-input not recognized) Those are the initial impressions on the install, currently using a usb mouse/keyboard to use the darn thing. Replying to the forum from a second PC. I'll give updates as I seek out drivers!