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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Little question about Chameleon and my 1201n I was running Chameleon RC2 but I upgraded to RC4 because of the Hide partitions features. I was looking for an upgrade procedure and everyone seems to say that I have only to replace the /boot file with the new one. So this is what I did and I rebooted. New version came up without problem. Partitions I wanted to hide weren't there anymore. My Windows 7 boots perfectly. But my Mac OS dosen't boot anymore. In normal boot, I get the grey screen with the apple logo and it freeze there (no spinning wheel). If I boot in verbose mode, I get this (screenshot), then right after that a blank screen and it freeze. If I put the old RC2 boot file back in place, everything works I must do something wrong !
  2. Few questions

    Hello, After several hours, I just install my first hackintosh on a Asus 1201n (dual boot with Win7 on a MBR disk). Chamelon is really cool. I installed it on MBR because I didn't want to clear the disk....and for the challenge Now the questions : 1- Right now I have 4 primary partitions (win7, data, restore and mac). I want a triple boot with Linux....so I need another partition (that means remove one of the primary and create a extended/logical partition). Do you know if Mac OS can boots from a logicial partition ? 2- I know that wireless card from 1201n is not supported at the moment. Is there chance it will work in a near future (like the onbard NIC) or there is no hope ? (I know I can change it for a Dell or use a usb nic) 3- Updating Mac Os....can I use the update manager from the OS ? I suppose all applications updates can be made without problem ? What about OS updates ? If 10.6.5 is released, what is the best way to update it ? edit : 4 - I have another desktop pc with an Asus P5Q-E. But the cpu and ram are overclocked. Can that be a problem if I try it ? Thanks !