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  1. Introduce yourself

    Hi All, I'm not entirely new here, but I just began posting recently. I followed Cindori's lead on his i7 hackintosh when I read the post over at MacRumors, and over the following months put together my set-up. I just reinstalled this past weekend following the Kakewalk 3.1 guide, which has left me with a much more compatible rig... so far everything works perfectly (even audio!).
  2. Why are the colors more vivid in OS X?

    Well if you are looking at them on a recent iMac, those screens are absolutely beautiful. I do believe it has to do with the color profiles and how they are set up out of the box with OS X.
  3. I've been doing tons of research around this thread because I could not for the life of me even get to the SL install screen while following the included Kakewalk guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=195248 I am using Kakewalk 3.1 USB method from an external HD. I kept running into problems, so here they are along with my fixes. First Problem: Boot1: Error After I saw the Verifying DMI Pool message come up on my screen, i would see a couple Boot0 messages and then it would get stuck at Boot1:Error. Solution: The guide calls for you to format your USB drive in Mac OSX Extended (Journaled, Case-Sensitive). I found a forum post some where that people were receiving errors with this, but once they reformatted to Mac OSX Extended (Journaled)... BAM. Problem solved. Second Problem: EBIOS Error: Device Timeout Solution: I was finally getting to the Kakewalk screen, but as my drive was being read I was receiving these errors. I ended up pulling the drive out of my enclosure and hooking it up internally via SATA cable. I went in to my BIOS -> Integrated Peripherals and looked around for other SATA preferences to change from IDE to AHCI. I changed all of them to AHCI for the purpose of the install. Third Problem: EBIOS Error: Read Error Solution: I'm not entirely sure what was causing this one, but I think it was related to the drive I was using. I was sick of plugging/unplugging the drive all day, reformatting, restoring, re-kakewalking... So I ended up creating three partitions on the drive- all Mac OSX Extended (Journaled). I restored the Snow Leopard Install DVD to each partition, and then ran Kakewalk against each partition. At the Kakewalk screen, press any key (spacebar for me) and then you will be able to choose a partition. I figured at least ONE of them would work and I was right. There must be a bad sector somewhere on my drive. Fourth Problem: Keyboard not working at Kakewalk screen for boot options. Solution: In the BIOS -> Integrated Peripherals, there is an option for USB Keyboard and USB Mouse. ENABLE BOTH OF THEM. You will problem need to use the "-x" option when you get into Kakewalk, so this will allow you to actually type it. I hope these solutions work for others, as there was no single place to find all of this info. I wanted to post this on the thread, but as a forum newb... I cannot. Enjoy!
  4. I got my i7-930 Hackintosh up and running in minimal time, and I am really enjoying it. I want to move all my stuff over from my MBP because it feels like an etch-a-sketch compared to my new machine. Will it break everything if I use Migration Assistant? I've found the answers to every question I've had through the entire building process by searching these forums, but I haven't seen much related to MA. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks for your help!
  5. Anyone can help me ? Wg111v3 Netgear

    Your system stores hardware kexts in /System/Library/Extensions on the Drive where OS X is installed. You have to select that drive for installation for the kext to be installed in the appropriate directory.