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  1. the version of copycatx that is included with the iportable 10.6.2 download isnt working. When i open it from my applications folder it just gives me a box that says "install" "close" and more info or something like that. no other options. so if i click install it just freezes and crashes. What do i do? what can i use instead of copycatx? thanks! here is the picture after i click install
  2. jake2jake10

    Acer Iconia W500 10.6 Guide

    i cant open copycatx. im on 10.6.3 and when ever i open copycatx it just has a box that says install and nothing else. like im not getting any screen where i can choose what to do. just a box that says install, close and more info or whatevr. so i click install and it freezes up and crashes, what do i do? the second picture is what happens after i click install
  3. jake2jake10

    Unable to access osx86 wiki

    there we go thanks
  4. Have you guys been having problems viewing the wiki? it shows up all messed up in internet explorer and other browsers.
  5. Hey guys i keep getting error reading image data while burning iatkos L1 and L2 to disks. I have triend many torrents and currently use power iso but have tried multiple other softwares. Ik its not my drive or the disks so idk what to do. If you can share links and have a link to a valid torrent let me know. I have tried converting the file to .iso which gives me another error or just changing the file extension which then does let me burn it but i get an error reading plist file while booting the disk on my pc. Any help is appreciated.
  6. jake2jake10

    Nvidia GeForce 210 DVI support?

    Ya i have already tried that but what i figured out yesturday is the DVI out is working its the vga out that isnt working and i have fuill acceleration, its really wierd but anyways i just bought a DVI splitter for my second monitor so we will see how that works. Thanks!
  7. jake2jake10

    Nvidia GeForce 210 DVI support?

    hello, i recently installed iAtkos s3 v2 on my desktop and it reconized my Geforce card in the system utility thing it even has my monitor's name and everything. But it wont recognize my second monitor which is plugged into the dive port on the card. How can i get it to recognize the DVI port? THANKS!
  8. jake2jake10

    App Store crashes 10.6.6

    hi i have a hpg60-635dx updated to 10.6.6 and everything works fine except the app store. it lets me log in but when i go to download an app it crashes. Any reason its doing that? and a fix?
  9. hello i installed iAtkos s3 on my hpg60-635dx and upgraded to 10.6.6 everything works fine including wireless. But the LED at the physical bottom of my computer idicating disk usage won't turn off. It's on all the time even while it's sleeping and it decreases my battery life significantly. Any reason why it may be doing this? it wasnt doing this before the 10.6.6 update.
  10. when you erased the disk what did you format it as and did you use disk utility on the iAtkos install disk?
  11. Hello ladies and gents. Today i will show you how to create a fully functional Hp g60-635dx "OSX PC". This guide requires some knowledge of OSX. 1. Download iAtkos s3 v2 (you should know where to get it) 2. burn the ISO to a cd and boot from it ( if it wont boot from CD then go into the Bios and select the cd drive as the primary boot setting) 3. once the disk loads up go to Utilities and then disk utility and: A. if your installing on a partition simply format that partition with Mac OS X Extended Journaled and name it what ever you may like B. if installing onto an external harddrive then click on the external disk and go to partition, then click on "partition" then under "volume scheme" select 1 partition. then click on options below the volume scheme image and select "Master boot record" C. if you are doing a clean install on an empty harddrive then do the same as step B. except select the harddrive instead of the usb external. 4.exit disk utility 5.hit next on the install screen, agree to the terms, then select your location for installing osx then WAIT!! DONT PRESS INTALL YET HIT CUSTOMIZE!!!! (bottom left corner) 6. under customize select: deslelect AsereBLN v1.1.9 and select Chameleon v2 rc4 then under bootloader options select ethernet under patches and modified kernels select qoopz 10.3.0 under drivers and main hardware and ps/2 select apple ps/2 then under laptop hardware select battery under drivers and network and wirless select Atheros under drivers and networking then wired select realtek 7. click install and let it install. 8. after install reboot the computer and eject the cd before the computer restarts (its ok if u dont just hit f8 while th somputer turns on and it should list OSX) 9.in the bootloader select osx and type -v then hit enter 10. if everything went smoothly it should boot then just fill in your credidentials when the setup screens come up and then once you finish the setup it should go to the desktop with airport and battery and sound and ps/2 support 11. we ain't done yet because as you could see airport isn't working 12. download the OSX 10.6.6 combo update from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1349 13. download the files included in this post and place them on the desktop (do not un-compress them): Hpg60kexts.zip intel_gma_files_hpg60.zip Kext_Utility.zip 14. install the update and reboot 15.now wireless should be working! but usb wont be): but its fixable How to fix usb: 1.remember those files you downloaded earlier? well unzip them to the desktop. 2.kext utility will be included in the files. Now every kext included please drag each one seperately onto the kext utilty icon (literally click and hold to drag them on top of the kext utility icon) 3.let them install via kext utility and once they are all complete restart your computer and voila u have a fully-functional OS x PC Problems: 1. sleep just starts working after w while 2. sometimes when you install the kexts they wont install right so just re-install all the kexts that don't involve usb. 3. if after u install the kexts your mouse isn't working use a USB mouse and re-install voodoo PS/2.kext If you have any questions PM me and ill gladly help ENJOY YOUR NEW COMPUTER!!!!!
  12. jake2jake10

    What is a good GRAPHICAL BOOTLOADER?

    cool and anyone who thinks that when i said graghical bootloader i meant like pctures and interactive stuff not like graphical pictures
  13. my background used to be a cool pic of rocks but ever since i installed voodoohda.kext it takes a few minutes for my mouse to show up and my background is just a blue screen, my computer is still fully functional and i think it has nothing to do with my graghics card so
  14. I keep downloading chameleon but it isn't graphical i think one version is and i can't find it and it is getting fustrating! can someone plzz tell me 1 and give me the download link??? thx!!!
  15. when i try to update the airport it says the contents of this volume can not be changed when i select my harddrive! plzz help