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  1. Alienware m17x

    This is pretty bad advice, even in August. Just you saying you had an 11lb Alienware makes me think it was at least a year or two ago. There are definitely laptops that can handle gaming. I have a Clevo 860CU, which has similar hardware, which lead me to this thread. It has a mobile 280m, which is pretty much a 980gtx mobile version. Not only will it run games like GTA4, Modern Warfare 2, etc. at full settings, it does so better than most desktops do. It's under 8lbs and fully upgradeable short of the motherboard. It is also almost completely silent (the laptop cooler I run has louder fans and you can't hear them unless I turn it on high) There are only a few desktop GPUs that outperform it and they are all newer models. The 260M isn't much further behind honestly, which is what is in this particular Alienware model. Heat in laptops had a lot to do with the CPU as well. The new i7 CPUs (also in this model) aren't of the same mold as the cooling and power hungry predecessors were. The only reason I use the cooling pad is because it came with my old computer and I'm used to it. I probably don't need it though. Just because you had a bad experience, what has to have been at least a year ago+ does not mean it is necessarily valid advice now. The computer industry changes. You cannot discredit something now based off of past experience without knowing anything about the hardware you are commenting on, and it's obvious that your knowledge is lacking about this particular model. Hopefully, your "advice" doesn't deter someone from purchasing a laptop for gaming. I'll gladly and confidently put mine up against your desktop from your post alone.