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  1. Basically I'm here to get help doing what I believe should be fairly easy to do, but I haven't been able to pull it off yet. I have an old Dell netbook Inspiron 1011 (10v). I hacked it with the help of a tech savvy friend in the UK back in the summer of 2009 using Meklort's "NetbookInstaller" and "NetbookBootMaker" apps. However, I can't remember how I went about doing it, it having been so long ago. I do remember that I had to use the above apps and a flash drive to work the magic. It's currently running 10.5.8, and I simply want to upgrade it to 10.6. I should mention that I've managed to download the latest versions of "NetbookInstaller" and "NetbookBootMaker," and that I've tried repeatedly to get into Meklort's blog with no success. I would greatly appreciate any - especially step-by-step - help I can get to pull this one off.
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Hello! My name is Bart. I'm not as tech savvy as most of you. So, I'd appreciate it if you'd be patient and keep the jargon at a basic level with me. My goal is to take my old Dell Inspiron 1011 (aka, 10v) from 10.5.8 to 10.6. If someone can guide me as to where I should post a more detailed question regarding this pursuit, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Dell mini 10v (1011) running OSX

    I have a 10v running 10.5.8. These are my basic, three, unresolved issues for which I'd like a solution. 1. SOUND - I can only get sound on the external speaker after I start or restart the computer. Once it has slept - which it does beautifully, btw - the only way I can hear anything is with earphones. 2. BATTERY OPERATION - When I run the machine with the battery attached I inevitably run into a message (white letters on a black background) telling me I must manually force the computer off and then back on again. This is true even if I also have the power cord connected to it; in fact, when I have the two working together, that's the worst scenario. If I'm running off the battery alone, e.g., at the airport, I can do some simple things such as email, but if I launch a browser, or worse, iTunes, that message to force restart the Mac comes up. Bottom line: I use this machine plugged into the wall with no battery attached 98% of the time, and it works best this way. However, I would like to be able to use it with the battery as it was designed to be used, as well. I should mention that I never run into this force restart message when on wall power only. 3. TIMEMACHINE - I have an external hard drive connected which I use for TimeMachine backups. TM will not backup automatically, though. I have to manually start each backup. I've gotten used to doing this way, but I'd prefer that it behave properly to where I don't have to think about it. I'm not very technically inclined, even though I did make this hackintosh myself over a week's time. So, feedback in basic, easy-to-understand terminology would be greatly appreciated. My setup: Dell 10v, 1GB RAM, 10.5.8, 120GB hard drive Ideas anyone?