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  1. iTunes 9.2 (61) Update causes store to crash?

    I just downgraded the itunes install to the last version that worked (9.1) and everything seems to be going great for me.
  2. KVM should run on a mac mini, but its not really baremetal. If I'm correct it runs on top of the linux kernel. I'm not completely sure on that.
  3. Kernel Panic on Voodoo 9.5.0

    go to your extensions directory and run sudo rm -rf voodoopower.kext
  4. Disabling dual core within mac os x

    hit C-X when you're done editing the file. nano will save it automatically.
  5. iTunes 9.2 (61) Update causes store to crash?

    It seems to be happening on snow leopard too. Looks to be a bug in the kernel not in iTunes, looking back at the debugging message.
  6. ReiserFS support in OSX?

    Doesn't Macports have fuse because if so I think there is support for reiser in fuse.