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  1. Thanks bcc9, your guides have truly been a lifesaver for me with installing Mac. I've worked from your 10.5 guide and it worked like a charm. I'm currently trying to upgrade to 10.6 and I'm having a little trouble..I have put the SL image on a USB thumb drive formatted in hsf+, and I boot from a cd first with you .iso build on it, but when i get to chameleon graphical menu i don't see an option to boot with the thumb drive though it's plugged in..any suggestions on what's wrong? Or should I attempt by using a DVD install? Thanks again
  2. I wasn't able to find a copy of 10.6 Vanilla..only copies that i found came up with the message "unable to find operating system" when booting from a usb. (I followed the hfs+ partitioning on the usb thumb, followed by restoring image to it)
  3. could someone provide a new link for the "Voodoo Battery" icon? the current link fwds me to a page that asks to go through the website. Thank You