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  1. Has anyone had 100% success with a Sapphire Eyefinity 6 5870 2GB card? I realize it's not a reference card but I've been pulling my hair out nonetheless. So far: - Made my own custom EFI rom using extracted factory rom, then reflashed - Using experimental ATI Chameleon build from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and manually installed Chameleon bootloader (RC5 693) - GraphicsEnabler = Yes - UseAtiROM = Yes - Customized EFI 1002_6898.rom in /Extra - Zonalis framebuffer appears to load (while watching verbose boot) I've heard complaints of 100% fan. Not getting that, but it's definitely pretty noisy compared to the 5770 I also have. Also can only get two MDP ports to work and LED ACD only works with DVI converter (not directly plugged in with MDP cable). Three displays will not work no matter what combination of monitors I try: 20'' ACD, 23'' ACD, 24'' LED ACD. The 23'' and 24'' work fine at the same time with 1920x1200 resolution. I've also tried all sorts of adapters; MDP --> DVI, MDP --> HDMI, MDP --> HDMI --> DVI, Apple's MDP --> DVI, and Sapphire's MDP --> DVI. Anyone have any ideas on reducing the fan noise or getting a 3rd MDP enabled? (The fan noise seems to be related to power management as the speed does vary depending on load -- it's just too fast.) Thanks!
  2. My hackintosh in Power Mac G5 Enclosure

    Nice work and love the way you kept the factory connectors. Starting my second hackintosh project with a G5 donor case. Way more of a challenge than I thought when I took it on. If you don't mind a few questions: - Since the stock G5 PS pushed out way more juice, you have no problems with 300W? - Is your PS pushing exhaust out the front or back? - Any experience in trying to keep Apple's airflow channeling in tact? (I notice there's no metal center divider like I've seen in other projects) - Have you done any other mods since you started the thread in 2009? I'll be cutting out the back more along the lines of the aquamac mods with a different mobo tray and am up in the air as to where to relocate the PS. The newer Mac Pros seem much more ideal with dual optical, more drive space and PS up top, but alas, the G5 case was free. Also, how loud is it with the dual Cooler Masters and stock fans? I don't remember how loud the original G5 was since it's been so long, but seem to remember them not being the quietest things. Thanks for the photos and write up. You've given me some great ideas to build from!