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  1. Get iLife, iWork & Aperture for free

    BTW, I am using the trial version of the apps, and it says that they belong to someone else.
  2. Get iLife, iWork & Aperture for free

    Sup guys! Is this bug still working? I have just finished installing my new Hackintosh, but this method is not work for me. These are the error messages i get while trying to update the apps. I installed Clover on a usb drive as you guys suggested with the default settings, am I missing something? Thanks for the help!
  3. Enabling Quartz Extreme for 9800m GTS

    hey all!! does any of you actually get the external VGA to work?? i cant make ir to work, and i have everything up and running, full openGL support. Im on a g50vt-x1 thanks!
  4. hello all!! i have a G50vt-x1, and i have succeded intalling a OSX 10.6.3 but im having some issues, and i want to share with you so you can help me if possible First is the camera, ive read that some of you have their camera working from out of the box, but mine doesnt then comes the graphic performance, i have the 1366x768 resolution and it is awesome, but... the performance while playing videos or using some transition effects is very bad for a 9800M GS card. and also im having trouble with the "preview" app, i cant visualize any jpeg pictures with it. When i open any picture it shows me the preview window in the size of the picture, but no image. ahh!! and also the vga port for a secondary screen doesnt work either thats my main consern, because im gonna need it for a presentation this month. Well guys, these are the only problems im having now, if you have any ideas please share, ok? thanks!! and btw, is there any manager for unistalling the unnecesary drivers that the installation may add? like tuneUp UnistallManager or so?
  5. Hey guys, as the title says, im having this "AppleDecript: Starting..." problem... It keep freezing there when the DVD loads. Im using an OSX 10.6 universal patched DVD on a Asus G50VT-X1.. I dont know what could be the problem! Thanks!! Hope someone can help me!