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  1. Hey guys, does anyone know how to change my keyboard layout? I have updated my keyboard kext an now some signs are assigned to the wrong keys. E.g. the left key from "1" shows "<" (same as the left key from "Y"). I can't make this sign "/\". Cheers
  2. I dont have any idea, but I think these are NOT the right values. It always shows either 0 RPM or 1940RPM. It's the same like my CPU values...either 594 MHz or 2487 MHz What are these plugins doing?
  3. I am just observing my stats and my CPU suddenly went up to 2487 MHz, GPU at 70 °C, although I am idle... I think there is something wrong with my speedstep. Also I think my CPU doesn't apply values between minimum and maximum, what the heck? Here is a pic of my SMC Monitor:
  4. Well, I dont know what happened, but: I cleaned everything (I swear there was almost no dust) and installed the latest FakeSMC package from DarwinX's post with ACPISensors, IntelCPUMonitor, IntelThermal, NSCPC8739x and NVClockX. In idle my GPU is about 55-60 °C my CPU clock says 594 MHz and 46 °C. The temperatures now are much better than ever before o.O The bad news is that I have still these random restart errors (with these messages "You have to restart your Mac blah blah") by running certain programs (like "About Mac -> Advanced Info or CCleaner) and the battery is not working. I hope there will come a fix for that soon, don't want to use the old AppleACPIPlatform. P.S. : I am using a MacBookPro5,1 SMbios.plist, is it better to use a 5,2 instead?
  5. Hi there, I have cleaned my fans (there was almost nothing to do). I am using AppleACPIPPlatform v1.6 and the updated IOPCIFamily from Netkas for ML (v2.7 ?) Thanks, I will try it. I admit that I have never checked for speedstep since SL. On SL it was working well, so I thought it will work with Lion and ML, too. P.S. There is no difference using the 9 cell battery.
  6. I have heard about that, but on Windwos everything is working normal. My XPS is not as hot as on OSX and I can run 3D games / application without problems. My fans are clean :wink2: (on Windows its not getting as hot as on OSX). I have installed your kext but there is still that "X" and it says "No battery available". Is there someone who can confirm that "About Mac Bug" I have? Cheers
  7. Hello Guys, finally I managed to get Mountain Lion working on my XPS (what a pain -.-') those days. But I have noticed some issues: 1. Did anyone get working battery status? There is just a "X" there 2. It seems my PC crashes randomly at 3D applications. I've tried to play Minecraft for example and after a while my XPS just turned off. 3. By opening the "About this Mac" window and clicking to advanced information I always get a restart error (kernel panic or something, cant see what it is) 4. At OSX my XPS is getting quite hot (I have had this problem with almost all versions of OSX). Is there any solution for that? I am using a DSDT from this thread and the right smbios.plist Everything else is working quite fine (except HDMI :wink2: ) or I haven't found any other problem yet.
  8. You shouldnt have installed both kexts (VoodoooHDA and AppleHDA), it leads to kernel panic. I recommended to you to delete VoodooHDA before upgrade, because the upgrade will install a new AppleHDA (in case you have deleted it before it is back after the upgrade). So your next boot will unavoidable lead to kernel panic and you have to delete AppleHDA via console... So my advice: Delete VoodooHDA before upgrade, reboot, delete AppleHDA and reinstall VoodooHDA, reboot. After that you should get sound again.
  9. I recommend you to use the latest DSDT with Lion fixes from there. It helped me to fix many problems. Furthermore you should delete your VoodooHDA.kext before upgrade to prevent kernel panic. The other kexts you are using should continue to work fine with Lion. I have written a guide to install Lion just one or two posts ago...that's the way how it worked to me and it should be working with 1330, too... Btw 10.6.8 didn't work to me neither, I was surprised that Lion is fully working now ;-) Cheers
  10. Well, finally I got it. The solution was quite simple. 1) Update Chameleon to latest version of Chimera (new bootloader from tonymacx) 2) Create a second partition, about 8 GB 3) Mount the Lion.dmg 4) Use xMove and install it to the previously created partition to prepare the installer 5) Boot with Chimera to the Installer partition 6) Install over your Snow Leopard without problems and no freeze 7) ??? 8) Profit! ;-) Seems like Lion is working much better than 10.6.8 (at the first view everything seems to work)
  11. Thanks to a new DSDT with Lion fixes, my 10.6.8 is booting up, but it's running rather bad (definitively not as well as 10.6.7->no wifi e.g.). Your FakeSMC methode did not work for me, the installer still freezes... Any other options?
  12. I tried to install Lion with USB, but everytime it freezes -.- (sometimes at 15%, sometimes at 50%). Till 10.6.7 everything works fine. On 10.6.8 I couldnt boot up (it freezes, too) despite of "npci=0x2000". Whats wrong with that? I guess other people got the upgrade working, too... Btw, do I have to change my old DSDT for Lion, or is it still working? Thanks for help. Edit: The installation log says: "Installation begin" but nothing else...