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  1. nForce LAN driver

    First thanks a lot for this development! I am a newbie and just installed iAtkos S3 V2 successfully in my system, but I am having problems with the Ethernet, for iAtkos I chose nforce ethernet drivers and it worked apparently well but it disconnected me at random times and everytime I restarted my computer it would bring up the connection as ethernet 2, and the next time eth3 and so on, I had to restart my system to get it working again. I used the drivers you provided and now it stays as a single ethernet interface with every boot and it no longer disconnects as long as I don't try to upload a bunch of data (ie. uploading a photo to facebook, login to msn messenger, share a torrent) I've proved this using speedtest.net, the download test works fine but as soon as the upload test begins it disconnects me, OSX Network Diagnostics tells me the connection and settings are correct but ISP, Internet and Server are shown in red or yellow but never come back to green. Sometimes OSX will assign a random IP address but it won't work and if I put a static address matching the settings of my router after it disconnects it wont work either. Again if I restart everything is normal and the internet works as long as I don't try to upload more than 100kb. I tried to search in the forum and on google extensively but to no avail, do you have any tips for me? or does someone who read this has had a similar problem? I read somewhere that Firewire networking could interfere with it so I deleted firewire from OSX networks devices, they also said to allow magic packets and ethernet to boot from lan in windows, this I also did. Thanks to anyone who reads this! -Miguel PS. my system specs are in my signature...