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  1. [HOW-TO] Alternative To “Sleep Trick” On Intel GMAX3100

    Hi there, I know this is a damn old message, but I don't know how else to contact mr NAWCOM. Could you post the code for ResDaemon? About 3 times a second it runs cscreen and keeps my hard disk a little busy (not much but the constant clicking is damn annoying). I only need to run it every few minutes in case of the very rare occassion of problems. Cheers (hoping someone NAWCOM reads messages from the arc).
  2. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Maybe I did something wrong, but I cannot get Bluetooth to work on eeepc 1000 with 10.6.4. What I did was follow the instructions for my 901 and install on my eeepc 901, which works perfectly (not using DSDT only BIOS patch) and then use the same drive (USB Drive) on the eeepc 1000. Everything works fine except Bluetooth .... ahhhh! Of note, is that if you do not patch the BIOS on the eeepc 901 then Bluetooth doesn't work. I did not find a patch for the eeepc 1000 BIOS. So something to do with that. Saying that, the Bluetooth on the 1000 has worked 1 in 100 times and then the rest of the USB bus goes a bit funny (external mouse doesn't work). I recall someone worked out what you needed to do to the DSDT, apparently, a single number change, but they didn't post. I have tried every IOBluetoothFamily.kext under the sun and no success. Bearing in mind it works 1 in a 100, the IOBluetoothFamily.kext driver is ok and the device ID is in there.
  3. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Just grab the latest VoodooBattery.kext and install using Kext Utility. Google is your friend. You will find the the Voodoo project at http://forum.voodooprojects.org/
  4. The problem seems to be with the gma 950 drivers. Like many people I have re-installed 10.6.4 combo update so that the stock gma 950 drivers are re-installed. Now runs beautifully on single external screen. Can't yet figure how to get laptop lcd screen working. It shows in the list of monitors on the display preferences. Just doesn't display anything. I know there are various people who have fixed this and time to google. I have read you have to hack the DSDT and also stick string in com.apple.Boot.plist. I did try decompiling and recompiling the BIOS and just got errors without even changing the generated output! I modified the boot.plist and the display shows connected in the list, but no output. I guess the DST must be hacked?
  5. Hi It's a Intel Core 2 Duo according to System profiler. I don't think it is running ci/qe as that seems the common problem with pages as I have seen in many postings. Maybe 64/32 bit is misnowmer? I dunno. It is running 32 bit according to uname -a. When I first built the Snow Leopard machine I did not have i386 for the arch, and nothing much worked. Certainly the GMA drivers did not even load. So I added that and have been running GMA nicely until I noticed Pages not working. I am getting full resolution graphics. Using 2 monitors fine (built in and external monitor thru VGA port). Any idea why ci/qe not working as I used the GMA950 package in the i6400.zip supplied. I have not fiddled with any DSDT nor other settings. Many thanks for your attention.
  6. iWork 09 Just getting Blank Pages

    The QE/CI story doesn't make sense as I have near the same install on an eeepc and a dell, both with GMA950 style graphics cards. eeepc works fine with iWorks and the dell doesn't. I admit the source of the GMA950 drivers were different as I think they are slightly different in terms on model 0x27a2 compared to 0x27ae, but i didn't think that mattered. My gut feel is a 32 / 64 bit problem as I have problems with other 32 bit apps on my dell (64 bit cpu).
  7. I've been running Snow leopard 10.6.4 on Dell 9400 (e1705) beautifully, Dual Core 2 1.66 etc with GMA950. Then over the weekend a friend loaded some software on the machine and I noticed that 32bit programs always have a problem. For example, the Office2008 trial and Pages trial both show the main white screen blank. No text shows up. Rest works fine, just the main editing window. I tried DreamWeaver trial and the mouse goes very very slow and jerky in the code window (other windows OK). But Photoshop which is 64bit runs flawlessly. XCode (64 bit) also runs fine and any other 64biut app is perfect. Just 32bit apps. Any ideas? I am running arch=i386 and using GMA950 install pkgs at the beginning of this thread. Also TSCSync is running. I tried disabling one CPU inBIOS and that made no difference. Can I just force the whole machine into 32bit (not just the OS/drivers)? I only have 2GB so don't need 64bit.