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  1. Hi everyone I would like to install Mountain Lion on my configuration First I read a lot of topics on diferent websites and I start to patch my Bios using How to Flash ASUS P8xxx and ROG Boards with FTK and DOS then I take an microSD card 8gb and install unibeest 170 ( ML is allready download from apple store in my macbook pro ) First I have picture from Bios patch , then I try to install ML getting an error: I try to figure out what the steps I need to do it PLs help me and correct me if Im doing something rong Thank you
  2. Isove

    M-Audio Audiophile 2496

    Hi guys I have M-Audio 2496 and i use before hacking on windows 7 Configuration was: m-audio 2496 - pass through Coaxial S/PDIF Output - cable - Logitech 5.1 Now Snow Leopard on pc: I try to put drivers from http://www.audio-evolution.com/drivers/ but i dont have a panel; no sound. All i got is in sound system preferences Envy24. I use Kmplayer on windows7 to get DTS sound. Under Mac os what player i should use to get pass through DTS sound ? I got sound only from ports R+L Still got problem with pass trough digital coaxial ... My system: P5Q SE 2 - motherboard 2,8 Quad Core 8 Ram Nvidia GTS 250 1gb OS: Snow Leopard System Software Overview: System Version: Mac OS X 10.6.4 (10F569) Kernel Version: Darwin 10.4.0 Secure Virtual Memory: Not Enabled 64-bit Kernel and Extensions: Yes