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    Switch to ATI 4850 1GB after install on 9500GT?

    beautiful. it worked like a charm. i can't thank you enough.
  2. here are the system specs: Gigabyte EP45-UD3L Intel Core2Quad Q6600 4GB Ram Nvidia 9500GT 512MB I got Lion to install smoothly on this graphics card. I used Kakewalk because it said that my ATI card was supported. I could never get it to recognize the ATI card during install. It would hang at some point during the installation no matter what I tried. So, I now have a fully working Lion install, but I would prefer to switch over to my ATI card. This Nvidia card was bought for super-cheap so I could do a little testing with OS X, but I never intended to use it full time. My ATI card is my preferred card. The Nvidia card is currently using an EFI string to enable all features. Can anyone give me a next step to get my ATI card installed and working? My assumption is that I'll need to delete the EFI string, install something for the ATI card, and maybe get rid of Kakewalk? The truth is that I had never used Kakewalk before this, and I don't know if it is the best bootloader for me to be using. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. derrick.bowles

    ALC888 100% in Snow Leopard x64

    you got this working on 10.6.4? i can't get it to do anything in 64-bit. i get devices in sound preferences, but there is no audio coming out.
  4. well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. i literally only got like two posts or so over there before i got a permaban for flaming. i'd get you a link to the post over there, but since i've got an IP ban, i can't until i change IPs. however, i just sent an email to tonymac. here were the contents of the email: i doubt you'll even read this (i'd imagine your inbox gets rather full), but i'll proceed as if you are reading the whole thing. i'm not here to apologize. looking back, i think i would say the same thing to that pretentious prick that posted before me. he was unhelpful, condescending, and annoying. there are two stil-supported options for audio that he clearly ignored so he could show off his superior gear and tastes. where i come from (the southern US), we're not big fans of that kind of behavior. even his response felt pretentious "i run a forum of my own..." good for him. i fail to see how it's related, but good for him nonetheless. perhaps he deserves another congratulations. it's hilarious to me that most windows users i know think mac users are elitist and haughty. apparently that attitude is seeping into the hackintosh scene. so, i'm not apologizing, i do regret not being able to see your forum at the moment. but i'll change my ip eventually. i'll never post again (i promise), but eventually, i'll want to read what's on your forum. you have some very good stuff. my advice is to cut out the elitist stuff being said by people like tofuconfetti as soon as you can. everyone that's cobbled together a mac from spare parts because they couldn't afford a real one will see the same attitude that i see when i read stuff like his on your forum. you're incredibly helpful. don't let him leave a bad taste in the mouth of noobs like he has in mine. i know i was a noob on your site, but i've been running os x on x86 machines now for several years. i've been around for a little while, so it doesn't bother me. you run a good forum with helpful information. i have no hard feelings towards your site for the ban and will continue recommending my friends to go to you to get information as they need it. all the best. so, in light of all of that, i wish sometimes that moderators would get in and moderate attitudes. you know what i mean? like if mods went in and just erased unhelpful posts of people who simply want to show off, i would totally support that in a help forum. in discussion forums, it's fine, but if a guy asks for a low-cost solution and some one's first two responses are sound cards over $1000, just erase that post. again, i'm not upset at my ban. kind of saw it coming.
  5. derrick.bowles

    How I got my ALC888 working in 10.9 Without DSDT

    i'm having the exact same problem. according to SL, it's working. however, i have no audio. i cycled through each of the outputs and tried each audio jack with each output device. nothing works. i'm using a Gigabyte EP45-UD3L motherboard with Cartri's BIOS and no DSDT file. I've tried for a few days now to get the audio working and am coming up completely empty-handed. *EDIT* I should mention that I'm running 10.6.4 64-bit, just in case.*EDIT*
  6. So I got SL running on my GA-EP45-UD3L with a 9500GT. I'm still doing post-install work, though. One of the first things I tried to do was download osx86 tools to do some EFI injection. However, everything I download gets corrupted. Safari said it was something like Domain Error 1. I got Chrome off a USB drive, and it corrupts all downloads as well. Is this a common problem? Does anyone know of a fix? I'm beat and just got off work, so it's bed time for me. I'll be back tomorrow, and I greatly appreciate any help. UPDATE - I found a post somewhere where a guy went straight from his modem to his computer. That won't work for me. I've got four computers, a ps3, a 360, and a roku plugged in. So I just went and reset the modem and the router. It didn't do anything at first, but after the second time (along with a computer reboot), everything is working like a charm.
  7. derrick.bowles

    Need Help Installing with ATI HD 4850

    does anyone know if the new pc-efi bootloader from netkas will help? he added support for a few new cards in the graphicsenabler, but 4800 series is not listed. of course, i don't know if it was working before, though. i'm going to try it in a few minutes.
  8. Here are the computer specs: OS: OS X 10.5.6 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 MOBO: Gigabyte EP45-UD3L VIDEO: ATI Radeon HD 4850 so, I'm trying to install snow leopard on this setup. I have a running 10.5.6 installation working, but I'd like to update to at least 10.6.1 if possible. When I boot the Snow Leopard disk from a USB image in verbose mode, everything seems to go fine until I get to the graphical installer. I've tried two separate ways and received two different results. The first time, I got a garbled grey screen. The second time, I got nothing on the screen at all. I've spent the better part of a day reading these forums trying to find something helpful, but I got nada. It's been a while since I tried to put together a hackintosh. Last time I had to do any real research for this was back when OS X 10.4 was out. Now with all this talk of DSDT and such, I'm rather lost. If anyone can offer any advice, I'd be grateful. Currently, I've got a USB drive with the install disc restored to it. If someone could tell me the magical mix I need to get things working and how to put them on it, I'd be in their debt.