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  1. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok up and running had issues with it locking up after 1hr or so ... the memory i am running is 800 but i have found that if i clock it back to 533 it doesnt crash ... everything else is working ... :-) yea ... thanks for the help ... would have been still pulling hair out ...
  2. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok got lan working :-) boots without me adding extra comands ... BUT for the life of me i cant get nvidia geforce 8400 pci-e card to run properly ... if i use nv_disable and run apples default nvdia kxts it will boot up to desktop ... otherwise i either get the circle with slash and freeze or just a black screen .. tried nvidia web driver kext ... even pulled the nvidia card put in a older ati x1650 .. screen refresh rate is {censored} ... running in base video mode ... will keep at it ... Nawcom ... do you have or can direct me to a working 8400 kext for mavericks ? what i am setting this machine up for doesnt really require great graphics but is frustrating when trying to setup shares and i get screen refreshes every 1/2 second lol lol ok ... um if you have a look back up the list of posts you will see i am now trying mavericks ... :-) but what you have inputted has helped me heaps ... i have a running os ... its just now the fine tune ... :-) i downloaded the web nvidia driver / kext it killed it ... so rather than reinstall hooked up drive to this one ... went thru deleted the web kexts etc... had a bit of mucking about but got it back up... have pulled the ATI card as more trouble than worth to get it up than the nvidia card ... did some searching for kexts for mav on the 8400 ... found one looks promising about to go try it now oh p.s i cant get to login without nv_disbale it just goes black screen ... but maybe once install these kexts i can remove that :-)
  3. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    wow awesome reply ... i did get it booting from harddrive prior to reading this but about to go get the network sorted so thanks heaps hopefully this will solve the last of my issues ... :-) my display does slow refreshes when i load apps thinking something i havent configured correctly yet ... but with the above i should be able to sort it ... will let you know :-)
  4. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok Mavericks up and running no command lines needed preboot ... edited org.chamelionboot.plist ... spelling prob worng but i think you will know what i mean anyways ... slowly getting there ... now to get network card working , screensaver just goes to a blank screen move mouse and im back ... odd doesnt matter what screen saver i choice ... not a issue for what i am trying to setup ... so after a lot of mucking about ..... slowly getting it working the most frustrating part is ii can sort of say what worked and what didnt cause i tried so many things that its prob part this part that ... i Reckon the rainbow circle was ide port issue with dvd drive .... question ... i have a nvidia geforce 8400gs card pci-e ... i am usinging nv_disable=0 in chamelion plist ... i havent tried without or setting it to 1 ... will it break it or work better ... question 2 i have set -f in kernal flags ... wil this slow boot... question 3 default partition i am having issue tring to set this ... do i name the partition NAME or hd0,1 ... etc as im not sure of hd0,1 or is it hd0,2 etc ...
  5. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok long story short had a old mavericks system disk ( was running on this one) which i have added AppleNforceata to ... i can boot it but only if i first boot off usb ... and use command lines GraphicsEnabler=Yes nv_disable=0 npci=0x2000 and i use so can see whats happening -v also use -f ... and i can boot into the operating system fine but for the life of me i cant get it to boot without firt the usb... it will boot by itself to select the boot disk as in select os screen if i choise mavericks it goes through its thing and then reboots ... i use the strings above same... it goes through all the rolling screens of text ... then reboots ... so i dont get to see what its doing ... so atm i am stuck booting of the usb first then selecting Mavericks .. i will search more on this issue ... at least now i not getting the rainbow circle ... that went away after moving dvd to ide primary and set as master
  6. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    Yep i had tried that saw the same post last night , even plugged it into my main osx machine and did repair install did a repair disk, something i saw on a post that icant find again was having dvd/cd being ide on the primary ide cotroller port... mine is on secondry but set dvd as master on that cable, disabled the primary idde controller so only using the secondry , maybe that my spinning beach ball issue , but dont understand why that wouldn't have caused similar issue for leopard ... havent tried yet as have to pull harddrives out as they over the controller conector ... i will give it more time lol glutton for punishment lol
  7. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    sigh nope no go all i can get to is a rainbow circle at login wont go past tried boot flags same as i installed with no working ... waiting on a mainboard and cpu from ebay same as this pc ... so will retry sometime next week ... as has done my head in yosemite on p5n ... possibly work with mavericks but dont have installesd for mavericks did have it but now no available on app store .... thanks for the input ... if you have any ideas i can try ... as i will be leaving the install unfinalised until i get new hardware ... why do i get rainbow circle no further ... ? i dont understand ... if it doesnt like hardware why wont it boot past that have minimal resources but bootable ? if it can do install rboot use usb to finalise install why does it hang with usb boot to osx ... thanks for the input yep my hardware is old ... but i love osx but cant afford to buy latest or close to latest hardware to run anything newer than what i have now
  8. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok well i get futher than i have previously ... but i am getting stuck at login screen ... spinning rainbow circle ... hangs ... went past install the setup account etc ... reboot as it does ... selected usb to boot selected yosemite on harddrive as boot ... -x -v -f plus as my vid card is a older nvidia card .. GraphicsEnabler=Yes Npci=0x2000 nv_disbale=0 so now i am confused yet again as it went through the install rebooted and went through user setup ... why the hang at the login ? prob a newbie question but well im stuck and swallow pride ... have pluged into my working yosemight complete different spec ... so i can do a repair permissions etc ... about to go retry ...
  9. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    Ok did that had to enable show all files then used kext wizard to install and repair permissions, used to rebuild the osx install installer (osx) see's sata harddrive ... Yeah ... ok i will prob have some more questions such as so far i have to use - x -f to get it to boot anywhere into osx .. but i will do search of forums before hassling you with requests ... Thank you so much for your help my head doesnt hurt as much now :-)
  10. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok thanks :-) so if i boot my install using usb as connection , use kext utility ? to install the AppleNForceATA kext ? will i then be able to desconnect it from the usb and connect via sata connection to start it up ? and i assume i need to run repair permissions afterwards , / prior to reboot ... thanks for taking the time to help
  11. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    ok wierd update ... so buggered of the leopard ide drive connected a basic 80 gig ide .. nope not seen ... only see's the installer usb (within appls install screen disk utlity) decided just for the heck of it put while still running a external usb harddrive ... ok im confused it see's it straight up no reboot ... so have installed onto usb external and have installed rebooted ... 2 step... via usb installer usb into installed usb external and it runs ... sigh ok future steps ... use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] or similar to patch harddrive see if can get run ... any thoughts or is like something that is like how the F does that work ?
  12. oddidty ... yosemite versus a OLD leopard .. HELP

    There is no setting in bios for ahci ... there is only jmicron sata controller enable or disable niether changes it seeing the sata drive ... Yosemite installer not seeing SATA period ... old leopard see's it with same setting in bios as the Yosemite install ... Have tried .. [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with legacy support ... i get usb and mouse support can get to installer no sata ... [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] without legacy surrport ... no usb keyboard or mouse so not sure if can see sata ... tried pandroa , tried clover, with varying results from not getting to installer with panic and double panic , or just straight up blinking cursor top left with no further progress... i am confused because leopard see's it ... i know i need to focus on the yosemite install but i dont understand the difference ... is there anyway for me to find what kext leopard is using and using it in yosemite install ... and if so how do i insert it into the usb installer without breaking the install as i tried with usb legacy as in IOUSBFAMILY" kext and it breaks the install goes into panic .. sorry if i sound confusing but its doing my head in ... I have 2 working hacks ... this one is yosemite the other is lion ... the lion one runs a server but the server software wont update on lion ... lion too old ... so trying to build a newer yosemite build for server ... but i keep going around in circles ... spending hours creating usb install that dont work sigh
  13. Ok so i have been going round in circles trying to install Yosemite on a Asus p5n-e ... cant get it to see sata drive when at install screen etc ... so after days of trying mucking about and frustration i decided to dig up any old ide drive i had laying about ... now i havent used this drive in like forever and was way back ... so segate 80gig ide ... popped it in the pc selected it to boot just to see what format it was ie if it was like windows xp 98 etc etc ... my surprise it boots into osx leopard ... this drive has never been is this moborad before ... yet i have spent days trying to install yosemite ... AND heres the clintcher ... it sees sata harddrive attatched .. im like hmmm confused ... So any help as to why i cant get yosemite install to see the sata harddrive when OLD leopard does without me having to configure kexts etc ... sigh ... i am at breaking point ready to give it away as a lost cause ... bigger sighs
  14. Mac Startup Sound App

    I added the startupsound and the sound played but other than desktop background all i got was the spinning circle... wouldnt load past it... booted into safe mode and removed the startupsound from login items and now boots normally ? any ideas Regards George