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  1. have any of yous tried to use an older version? that may help?
  2. sorry your using ddr3 ram, all i can say is that, im pretty sure not gettin into the bios has anything to do with Kakewalk.. try unplugging all drives and see if you can enter the bios.. from what i undertstand.. the bios setup is the 1st thing the computer runs, doesnt even look at BOOT options from the HD>. i could be wrong though...
  3. it should work, they have pretty much the exact same chipset. waht is not working?
  4. so the gf 9400 ,8400gs work 100% without having to patch , i mean same as the 9800gt's? As for performance, that is fine, there is no gaming going on this computer, just internet, music, photos etc.. I just need to confirm before he goes ahead in buys it.. Im doing support via skype acrros the country, and cant have the car fail... thanks again skidman.
  5. as for audio issues, i got my friend to reinstall his 10.6, no autio with kakewalk 2.1, 2.2. i tried a few things, this worked with his.. files to dl may help with others, his setup is the same as mine.
  6. Hey all i am not having any issues with my hack pro, my friend is, we have the same setup except different video cards.. IM hoping for a find one with no issues (like mine) but one that does not require a new power supply. he has a silent geforce 6600, also looking for the least expensive one, The reason why, is that he is on 10.6.1 (i think ) and can not update the system. I want him to be able to run auto updates.. any suggestions on a compatible video card? thanks am illion..
  7. make sure in your bios s3 is on.that was my problem that fixed it.
  8. i dont know if you fixed this, i have posted a few times the fix.. i know you said you have all your bios settings right, but you dont, i ran into the same problem a few times, watch this video, and make suer your USB hdd is top priority, and remember when you unplug it and reboot, it loses prioty until you change it again.. video on teh fix
  9. Mr>Janek can you please add a BOOT icon to you main page and the front page of this one? that way for those who update and get no sound can find the BOOt update easier ?
  10. is this what your wanted me to do?
  11. insert your win7 cd and click on repair. install win 7 1st i would assume, then unplug that HD, install SL, plug in both drives , then watch this video, make sure your #1 drive is SnowLeo video
  12. I get KP's as well, mostly when using Java. I have 2x2gb of ram, i took one out and didnt get one for about 5 days, figured that was the issue until i got one.. so now im running 2x2 again, just not in ddr. I notice my KP's are when im using Java in a internet browser. NO sorry effortless with this motherboard, so everything on the MOBO should work. video and other add ons do not apply with this. Therefore you have to find a compatible one to use.
  13. If someone wants support for a video card, check out the forum here for drivers or use the google search..