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  1. NeXTstep 4.0 Beta WANTED!

    I don't know how well this forum likes people who revive old threads, but I'm pretty sure I've found this beta, so I'm just about to try installing it, so If it is what is being looked for, I'll give it out to those who PM or email me. UPDATE #1: I dunno what exactly happened, but I got this panic here: I'm guessing it's either a corrupt CD image or the cd is too scratched up UPDATE #2: Just tried it in VMWare, does the same thing. *swears repeatedly* Looks like it's corrupted.... UPDATE #3: Apparently it can be installed by upgrading it from NS 3.3, so I'm gonna try that ASAP and if it works, I'll let people have it
  2. Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm a NeXTSTEP/OpenStep/Rhapsody fan and collector, and that's pretty much all I have to say