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  1. Sony Apls Trackpad Help !

    Hi, Yes with some kexts it opens and nothing happens but with some trackpad setting and system preferences crash ! for example some voodoo (modified or otherwise) crash while others open fine but no setting helps bring the dead trackpad back to life. So Am just trying figure out which kext will make this damn trackpad work !! One Important question I want to ask,knowledgeable folks here kindly answer,if for whatever reason a device is not working is it safe to use the system ?? meaning the trackpad is not working so can I use the usb mouse while I figure out how to get it to work ?? Asking coz the trackpad continues to receive power from the mobo and will have to send some signal to the controller,so if that doesn't happen is there any danger that it might fail if used in this condition ?? Regards.
  2. Sony Apls Trackpad Help !

    Hi, Anyone ?? Tried most of them but no use !! Looking for some additional info or help. Regards.
  3. Sony Apls Trackpad Help !

    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply ! I tried those aswell but no use one among the two posted there works but the mouse goes alfresko,one touch and the pointer is all over the place and then on its impossible to control it ! only way is to power down using power button! Any other recommendations ?? Regards.
  4. Sony Apls Trackpad Help !

    Hi, I have successfully installed lion using iAtkos L2 and have also updated it to the latest,almost everything works like a chram !! But Am having problems with trackpad,I have tried Alps kext from OSX.org and others like Voodoo kext but to no avail,Keyboard works fine without any issues but the trackpad is just not working ! Even when installing the trackpad never worked which was a first to me as I had installed SL and Lion on Dell and other laptops and during installation it works just fine in those but here even during that it doesn't work ! So I don't know where to look and what to do. The Spec is as follows : Make : Sony Vaio Model : VPCEH16EN CPU : Core i3 2310 (2.1Ghz) RAM : 4Gb DDR3 GPU : Geforce 410 with CUDA HDD : 320Gb Please can anyone point me towards a solution ?? Reagrds.
  5. Unable to Start iaktos l2 in Dell Studio 1535

    Hi, Well Whatever the heck it is it sure rakes in quite a bit of havoc,Even on some HP and other !! Anyways who needs it !! Am trying as hard as I can to learn and understand things but not getting enough help,Will eventually figure it out fully !! Coming to the subject, after another down the drain I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel !! I was able to finally see the welcome screen with the below mentioned string ! "-x -v npci=0x2000 pci=off GraphicsEnabler=no" Mouse didn't work but was able to finish setting the account as was lucky enough to have the keyboard working,What a relief ???? Relief My @SS. Most of the things that worked flawlessly in the SL didn't work on Lion ! No Cam,No Mouse,No LAN,No Wifi,No Nothing just a bland OS ! So I started to tinker again and midway I got so pissed that as I asked is this worth all the aggravation ?? Heck NOOOOOOOOOO ! So I just did what perhaps I should've done long time ago,Threw the Lion and brought the SL Back ! Will be keeping an close eye on the happenings though just in case some come up with something !! Thanks to all the folks for the help and support !! Regards.
  6. Unable to Start iaktos l2 in Dell Studio 1535

    Hi, Well folks After all day long tinkering and breaking/banging my head I didn't make any headroom in successfully booting into Lion on my Studio 1535 ! I tried reinstalling with some options and was successful with the installation and even got it to work (had to remove elliotlegacy.kext) but the damn mouse/keyboard wouldn't work so tried some more only to screw things and render it dead or bring it to same old state! Long story short,I out of curiosity I thought to try and see whether I was able to install SL and brought the old SL Hazard 10.6.6i and loaded and hour later voila it booted (but again had to to remove the Elliot S***T to actually login) ! Here I Am posting from the same !! What a joy but yet not so much ! Anyone of you guys have any idea's as to why I was not able to do Lion and could do SL ?? Offcourse there are some small time nags like,trackpad doesn't work to fullest and Vodoo PS2 installer did nothing to solve it ! Regards
  7. Unable to Start iaktos l2 in Dell Studio 1535

    Hi, I tried twice with two different media but the result is same,if I don't select any option and just continue with the installation it hangs at the very last moment when it says 1min left !! Can you please elaborate as to what exactly do I need to do ?? Regards.
  8. Unable to Start iaktos l2 in Dell Studio 1535

    HI, Thanks for the reply,I tried both but no use both give different errors. -v npci=0x3000 gives the below -v npci=0x2000 Regards.
  9. Hi, I have successfully installed the L2 without any errors or such but it refuses to start and is stuck at Apple Logo ! No matter what I do I can't get past that,Tried all the various strings like -x,-v,-f all together -x -v -f but no use ! Anyways I have a Dell Studio 1535 as the spec is as follows : CPU : Intel Core2Duo 2.0Ghz Chipset :Intel GM/PM 965,Intel ICH8M RAM : 3GB DDR2 800 HDD : 250 WD SATA GPU : ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450 Audio :IDT 92HD73C High Definition Audio codec I tried Iatkos l2 and did a lot tweaking but to no avail,it just won't start and is stuck at apple logo,if I do verbose with safe mode or otherwise this where I end up Can someone please help me ?? Regards.
  10. HP 2510p Hazard 10.6.6i Kernel Panic

    Hi, Update ! Posting here so that others who may have same issue ! Well I sort of solved this myself, After couple of reboots I replaced the IOC network family kext with some new one that I found on a site,even then the result was same ! So I tried to boot in safe mode and viola it booted in without a problem ! Then I downloaded the following realtek driver package from this site and installed and now it boots normally and Am able to use the net ! Realtek Package However its far from being over or perfect !! I still don't have Audio working on it and the damn Intel wireless is still not working,So the Nvidia GPU ! I have additionally installed a package for the same from this site but still the display is in native mode with no options or such. The mouse pad doesn't work fully and such,so still some issues to iron out but overall working fine and dandy !! Nvidia Update Now any of you kind folks tell how the heck Am I suppose get these things working ??? Regards.
  11. HP 2510p Hazard 10.6.6i Kernel Panic

    Hi, Am having some problems with my install, I had the very same issues of Elliot and I deleted that from the ISO and burned a new image from which I was able to install successfully ! I removed the same file from the systems after install as well,So far so good ! But not really when I try to boot it just won't and gets stuck at the apple logo screen in normal mode,just doesn't move at all,in verbose mode it gets stuck at the Realtek ethernet driver stage ? or so,but no kernel panic or anything it just doesn't move beyond this ! My System is HP Pavilion DV3005TX,Spec goes : C2D T5550 (1.83) 2Gb DDR2 250Gb WD Scorpio Black Any other details required ? I've attached the pic for the reference in verbose mode boot. Please somebody advice whats the issue,Should I remove or update the Ethernet Kext ? Regards.
  12. released Update to 10.6.4

    Hi, I installed this combo update which I downloaded off the apple site and after the installation the system has slowed down like hell ! It takes forever to load and start ! My Config is as follows : 1.CPU : AMD Athlon 3000+ 2.Motherboard : DFI Lanparty Ultra D NF4 3.2Gb Trandscend DDR400 Jetram Also the Audio is not detected at all and although the GPU is detected and Am able to set to the desired resolution it refuses to output any when play movies, It just gives blank screen !! Please help..... Regards.
  13. Hi, Am not sure whether this thread is still active,but here goes my thing. I tried installing this on my AMD based Snow Leopard with DFI lanparty Ultra D NF4 Mobo and it does not work ! Before installing this I was able to boot properly and but without keyboard and mouse,but now after installing this Am not at all able to work ! System hangs right after boot with the dock not loading sometimes and such ! If I remove the keyboard,mouse and use USB one's it works just fine ! Pleease some heeeeelp me !! I posted my query in not less 3 threads in this forum but so far no one bothered to reply ! Regards.
  14. iATKOS S3 is released!

    Hi, Am new here but not to the computers or the online forums ! Anyways Am happy to report that it works on AMD fine ! Config is as Follows : 1.CPU : AMD Athlon 3000+ 2.GPU : Nvidia 6600GT 3.Motherboard : DFI Lanparty Ultra-D NF4 4.RAM : 2Gb DDR400 transcend Jetram But I do have some issues that I need some help on, First is the PS2 Keyboard/Mouse,In spite of adding the patch while installing and later installing the stand alone patches available here in this forum Am yet to get it working ! After installing the patch from this forum the system hangs if I connect the PS2 devices and if I remove it works fine ! Can someone please give me solutions ? Regards.
  15. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Hi, Anyone seeing this thread ??? Seems inactive from quite a while !! I have the same problem,My PS2 Keyboard and Mouse refuse to work !! I have a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D NF4 ! I have installed the latest iAtkos S3 (10.6.3) while installing itself I selected the Apple and the other PS2 patch but didn't work ! So I later downloaded it from here to with no result ! it still won't take it, after the patch applied (downloaded from here) if I connect the keyboard and mouse the system hangs after boot,sometimes I don't get the top task bar and sometimes dock ! it just hangs while if I remove them and use USB it works just fine ! Please someone shed some light on this and make it work for me ! Regards.