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  1. Kronno Fatal1ty

    Can't get Snow Leopard to run on Asus K50ID

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/254051-asus-k50id-guide-support-updated-9112011/?hl=+k50id just follow this tutorial and enjoy. Install Mac OS X 10.6 Retail with a bootloader
  2. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    The kexts provided for lion are for 10.7.0 only. When upgrading to 10.7.x it will replace your modded kexts and you wont be able to boot into OSX again even with a modded bootloader like Pirate EFI. (BUG IDK WKY). keep in mind that this kexts i provided are like in BETA stage. The webcam it's easy to fix the upside down. There isn't any kext available at the moment to fix it. Just use iGlasses to invert the webcam image on any app that requires webcam. The DSDT compiled it's buggy, it doesn't fix many bugs that this laptop has. Hopefully someone that understand a little more than me can make an compile a modded for Lion. For the installation of Lion i recommend using a retail copy os OSX Lion and pirate efi for the boot loader (or chameleon late version, idk what it is now). I'm not developing anymore kexts for this laptop since i've bought a MacBook Pro 15" Retina and sold my K50ID. Best Regards Kronno Fatal1ty
  3. Kronno Fatal1ty

    Running Mac OS X on Acer Aspire One (A0751h)

    My good friend.. Take a look at this.. i've installed it in my A0751H successfully http://www.ltooz.com/ltooz/htpc/snow-leopard-10-6-3-on-acer-netbook-ao751h.html
  4. Kronno Fatal1ty


    Good morning. I'm starting this thread to help other people that have this laptop as well and installing Mac OSX on it. Tryied everything but no success. Any sugestion? Best Regards César Leitão
  5. Here is the kexts to get Mac OSX 10.7.2 fully working on K50ID. Install iAtkos L2 and do not upgrade to 10.7.4 Post feedback. Thanks César Leitão AsusK50ID_10_7.zip
  6. Kronno Fatal1ty

    Os X Lion on Asus k50id

    USB errors aren't fixed, shutdown and restart does not work, touchpad works with bugs, DSDT not released for lion! do not install lion until proper fixes (:
  7. Kronno Fatal1ty

    Asus K50ID

    hmmm.. ok I'm not inside intel processors for now.. but i will investigate in your PC i recently bought two ASUS RoG MARS II Graphic Card (OMFG) and 32gb (8x4) RAM DDR3 2166MHz my god this thing can fly it's the perfect combination ever my PC cannot be scared by anything xD
  8. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    Ppl.. on my k50id everything is working.. Sleep mode IS WORKING YES via DSDT! Webcam try iGlasses to invert the image cuz there isn't any fix yet for that FN button to brightness is WORKING OUT OF BOX Sound install Spark Hotkey and assume CTRL + F12 to up F11 to down and F10 to mute
  9. Kronno Fatal1ty

    Asus K50ID

    Hi my good friend. That graphic card isn't very good.. for a more couple of bucks you could buy a hd6850 that is a lot better. I'm not a very fan of intel but for a gaming intel i5 isn't not enough.. you need an i7 top or AMD FX-8xxx series with a good main board and SSD discs for fast access i've built this machine (see signature) with 545€ (arround $640). I own a PC store :3 About L2 you can try but there are lot of bugs yet and there isn't built any DSDT for lion
  10. Kronno Fatal1ty

    Asus K50ID

    hi my friend.. Simple: check your bios to put your hdd in AHCI mode. insert the iAtkos S3 v2 10.6.3 and let it boot format your hdd in journaled mode during the options check the Chameleon RC5 bootloader and let it install later search the topic of KS here to download the DSDT and the other drivers needed USB errors aren't fixed yet hope it helped
  11. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS M5A78L-M-LE Snow Leopard problem

    Hi there. This are the specs of my desktop: Desktop: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz (OC 4.1GHz) RAM: 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz VGA: AMD ATI HD6770 1GB HDD: Maxtor 500GB/2x Samsung Spinpoint 320GB/Hitachi 250GB LAN: Realtek 8167 MB: ASUS M5A78L-M-LE Sound: ALC887 MB bios config: Sata mode: AHCI advanced -> CPU config -> * GART error reporting = disabled * micro code updation = enabled * secure virtual machine mode = enabled (needed if you plan to use ilife) * cool 'n' quiet = enabled * C1E support = disabled * advanced clock calibration = AUTO * active cores, manual: 2nd on 3rd on 4th on 5th off 6th off 7th off 8th off (mine was a quad core so all cores up to the 4th was on so if you have a dual core turn everything off apart from the 2nd core) boot up iAtkos S3 v2 with this flags: -v -x -f busratio=16 arch=i386 should load and come the instalation. REMEMBER!: connect an USB mouse and keyboard, because PS2 isn't working. bootloader -> chameleon v2 RC4 bootloader options -> usbbusfix, legacy logo*, graphics enabler* kernal (you will find it under patches) -> qnoopz 10.2.0, usb drivers-> voodoo sound, no sata/ide**, no PS/2**, no cpu pm** network-wired-> RTL8168 The install finishes with everything OK. When booting with the same flags, the computer shutdowns by itself. What am i doing wrong? César Leitão
  12. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS K50ID-SX082V Lion Development

    I've installed Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2, successfully on my laptop and i would like to share the feedback with everyone about it and promote the development of the DSDT for Lion, and some other improvements. Need DSDT for Lion (restart, shutdown, USB errors :c) If this DSDT is developed the Lion will run on this machine smoothely nice with everything working out of box! César Leitão
  13. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    Here is the first impressions of the new distro of iATKOS L2 (Mac OS X 10.7.2) on ASUS K50ID - Very Stable and fast - Hardware (most specificly), touch input not working (trying to find the right kext, soon i will post it) - DSDT provided by KS not working here (not booting into the desktop, the screen stucks in black) - Common USB errors (there isn't a proper fix developed, so just wait for it) - When attached with an USB mouse, the scroll is inverted (when you go up the page goes down and vice-versa) - The sound i haven't tested it yet because i've applied the DSDT and need to format the laptop - Restart needs to be fixed, as the shutdown too
  14. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    On my ASUS K50ID, the FN key for brightness control is working out of box, even after the updates for 10.6.8 v1,1 I'm going to test for the new distro os iAtkos L2 (Lion 10.7.2 + the updates available) Since KS is no longer replying here, we need to wait for the proper fix of that distro for this laptop. Hopefully he will reply (a) I've found a thread for the USB fix, that only say to install the release you want without any USB fix. I did that and the USB errors are gone (: Hope it helped (: César Leitão
  15. Kronno Fatal1ty

    ASUS K50ID Guide & Support - Updated (9/11/2011)

    What were your config option during the install?