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  1. For a while now, I've grown used to the operation of the JaS discs from 10.4.8 to 10.4.10 (with other update packages). I wanted to know if anyone compared fan performances on these distributions, and what might count as normal or incorrect fan response behavior. The JaS disc seems fine at idle.... fans reduce, general noise and heat drop, etc. Everything revs up upon heavy load, but then calms back down. I tried the XXX 10.4.11 rev2 disc to use the efi-guid/mbr features, but that resulted in constant fans (steady, not full blast) in both the notebook and desktop trials. Even at idle, the fans did not seem to calm down, especially by the first reboot after a cold boot. Is this because of the non c2d processors (pentium D or celeron 4xx/5xx), or a kext conflict? It it just a matter of picking the correct kernel? Or is it just the difference between an efi vs non-efi system? If this has already been covered and my searching failed me, please let me know.
  2. PCMCIA firewire

    Was wondering if anyone had any firewire pcmcia cards working in tiger or leopard. If so, which brand/model(s)? My cheap aspire didn't have a firewire port, so if a pcmcia firewire can be picked up for low cost, then I might use that option.
  3. Has anyone else noticed incorrect audio files being exported from a hackintosh? Say, for example, using iTunes to encode an mp3, or a Soundrack Pro audio export to aiff or wav. I copy such files back to XP Pro on a different computer, and multiple audio players and editors scream error messages compared to a fully Windows workflow. Oddly enough, these go away if the exported aiff is first opened in quicktime on the hackintosh and then reexported as the same format (aiff in this case). What is causing these errors? Makes things seem crippled.
  4. Has anyone run into a case in Tiger (or even Leopard) where Chun-Nan's iopcifamily kext lets the broadcom 4311 mini pci express card to work occasionally? The airport symbol and options are listed next to the clock, but only twice did available networks show. Each time involved resetting the router and then the airport listed available networks, and the login worked correctly. But if I disconnect and shut off the notebook, any more attempts to boot and log in to the wifi connection result in an error, and no listed available networks. The ethernet seems to detect just fine whenever a cable is connected. The usb wifi seems to still work if needed. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. Now that it appears my pcmcia bus is working, I wanted to pick up a 108mbps wifi card for osx86. The HCL says the Netgear WG511T is working in 10.4.6. Is anyone here using that card in 10.4.8, or even a different successful solution? On a sidenote... Has anyone had success with a pcmcia firewire solution in osx86?
  6. Same here. Just dropped in the edited plist and no longer asked for key.
  7. Acer Aspire 3680-2682

    So far, the 2682's ethernet and wifi aren't working. Using USB wifi at the moment. Circuit City has been running different rebate deals on this model over the last 3 or 4 weeks dropping it well below the price you listed. Looks like we are all awaiting the way for osx86 to recognize the mini pci express bus to get built-in wifi. Other than those issues, seems it works fairly well for the price point.
  8. About This Mac Screenshots

    Here's mine. iTunes, Safari displaying the Apple website, VLC playing a DVD, the tile game widget making the warble effect, the About This Mac screen, and the dock.
  9. Pata Sata

    Maybe he meant a serillel converter can be plugged into the HD's PATA port so SATA cables connect to it. Had one I never used much left over from an Abit mainboard. On that note, the Abit board came with another extra, a rear slot/panel with 2 additional USB and Firewire ports. Anyone know where one of these can be purchased individually? It's meant for the board leads to connect directly to, and not as a PCI firewire or USB card. Unless my initial searches missed the mark, not much turned up that didn't fall under the add-in card category.
  10. How much Memory

    I have 3GB in my hackintosh desktop, but I'd say it sure runs smoothly as a result, especially when using CS3 Design Premium. On the flip side, my cheap Acer notebook hackintosh currently only has 512mb. The level of performance exceeded my expectations. I think the last time Windows ran as well on 512mb of RAM was arguably XP SP1, if not earlier.
  11. Was curious if anyone here had any experience getting 10.4.8+ to work on a Compaq v6000t. The configuration in question has the GMA 950 and the Celeron M supporting SSE3. This is the official info link for the notebook: http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping...o&tab=specs
  12. Maybe I'm not looking in the right areas. I wanted to find more out about this case, but my searches are seemingly coming up empty. Which sites sell this case?
  13. Maybe I missed something obvious... Is there an easy way to add/install a customized package from the JaS install DVD once the install has completed? I thought I read somewhere about Firewire or USB audio devices not being recognized correctly without the USB Soundblaster support checked during the install. When I reinserted the install DVD, I see additional packages available to click on. AFAIK, that doesn't allow access to all the available custom drivers added in by the DVD release. Am I out of luck or did I just oversee something simple?
  14. unrecognized admin password

    That might work except for the fact that the admin name and password are no longer recognized as lock and key for any of the user accounts. I've already reinstalled, but I just ran into the problem yet again! Seemingly it happens the moment I try and access the shared mac folder from windoze xp on a different pc on the network. I tried to use the install disk to reset the root password. Now I just get a hanging progress bar prior to the login window.
  15. unrecognized admin password

    Why would it be asking for the windows media password? This is when I go to click the lock in the lower left corner of network settings. It prompts me for the os x admin name and password, which gets repeatedly entered correctly, but behaves as though it wasn't. I know the password is correct because I use the same password to log into the admin account.