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  1. i'm in if there is a firewire port. got cash in hand. infact i'd buy two!
  2. success with dual boot Hackintosh

    you need to determine which ethernet chip your board uses and install the appropriate kext for it.
  3. Cpu and Vga temperature on DELL STUDIO 1555

    you can enable some power management with the latest chameleon bootloaders. you need to enable p states and c states. there is a program called lizard that will let you do this easily after install.
  4. Wi-Fi problems

    if your wireless is not compatible which i assume its not you can take an easier route. Google instructions on disassembling your laptop. if you find nothing there, then carefully remove all screws from the bottom and any back panel or on top near the keyboard. and install a known compatible wireless card. they are cheap on ebay and this way you are not toting around an extra wireless dongle. btw its seem daunting at first but if you are very careful and take your time its a piece of cake. This is also your opportunity to install an upgraded bgn wifi card.
  5. Introduce yourself.

    Jon From chicago. Thanks for all the great info here. i read more than i post so consider me a lurker