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  1. Hi again! Thanks a lot! I finally bought an 8530 and I just copied the partition I installed in the 8710 and it is working fine with Leopard. I have been testing the graphics performance and it is noticeably lower than Windows (like 40%) and it is very low with shaders with a lot of lights (I still don't know why) The WIFI does still not work but I found an extremely small USB adapter which works great, I simply used the driver in the box: http://www.sitecom.com/Wireless-USB-Nano-A...X1/WL-353/p/755 And you were right, it took me 2 weeks I only have two annoying issues 1) It does not sleep. When I press the sleep the screen switches of but the computer continues working and I cannot wake it up until I completely switch of the computer. 2) There must be something strange in the power settings because when I'm working for say 30 minutes, the computer starts getting very hot and the fan starts running at full speed, just using safari and the text edit. Regards!
  2. Hello Ludens, I actually own a 8710w and I'm now deciding whether to buy a Macbook Pro or a PC (maybe a 8740w or a desktop with a GTX 480) to mainly use OSX. I just found your tutorial and maybe this is an off-topic but I would like to ask you some questions: How long did that take to you? Do you think that one can completely replace a Macbook with that installation? Has the FX 1600M similar performance than in Windows, does it support OpenCL? Thanks a lot!