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    EH yeah... I don't have a InstallAtStartup folder under /System/ what am I supposed to do?
  2. ratbert

    A big problem with intel GMA950

    should work fine, thats what my laptop uses, and the package worked.
  3. ratbert

    Geforce 7900gs

    What? If anything, ogl performance is the BEST with Nvidia cards compared to the big3. ATI is known for terrible ogl performance. Just take a look at benchmakrs for linux.
  4. ratbert

    A big problem with intel GMA950

    I had this problem also. the fix is quite easy. First order of business is wipe your computer, and reinstall WITHOUT selecting the drivers. Next, go here: http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/iGMA.html and download that file. And install it. When you reboot, if you get just a blue screen, then you have full qe/ci support. Search the forum for video solutions and use the one wire trick. Hope this helps!
  5. I use my hackintosh as my primary machine, the ONLY time I have to use windows is to play games, and when parallels has dx9.1 hardware support, then I will probobly delete windows. I develop with osx running, windows in parallels, and linux in parallels, that way, I can test websites in windows, linux, and osx, with all the browsers all locally, without a problem. It really is nice having 4 gigs of ram and a core2duo. =]
  6. Good news! The loki updater goes smoothly, without any changed to the system needed. After upgrading to 10.4.9, then updating to the newest kernel, the correct speed of the processor is also displayed at about this mac.
  7. You advice on using the external DVD rom worked like a charm. Now it won't recognise my sata drives for installation... Any tips? How'd you do it?? Make sure your hard drive is in sata port 0, and the bios is set to AHCI.
  8. ratbert

    Omni's site

    I sure as heck could use a copy of b006. ratbert90@gmail.com
  9. The hard disk and cdroms NEED to be sata. No exceptions yet.
  10. ratbert

    2 Problems with JaS 10.4.8

    Don't use the macvidia drivers right now, they are pretty outdated. I had major problems with drivers, but the one combo I found that worked was the Natit autoinstaller + the new Natit kext file. This enabled QE/CI for me. As for your other problem, disable the onboard in the BIOS.
  11. ratbert


    I made a thread about a very similar board. Your best bet is to go with vista, and a usb cdrom. As it doesn't like sata cdroms.
  12. I replied to you in the last thread, however, I saw this one was made. If you haven't, please upgrade your kernel to the newest one, as it fixes a TON of problems. Titan was one of the problems it fixed for me.
  13. I had the exact same problem. It was fixed with a kernel update.
  14. wow! The new kernel fixed a ton of my errors. Thanks so much! edit* I will elaborate of what now works. Rebooting now works. No sound stuttering when first loading. My boot time went from 20 seconds to 5. When booting, I boot every time now. Oh god I am going to try titan now.