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  1. Weird Yosemite Issue

    1. I can install Yosemite 2. I can boot it , but the chameleon doesn't install by default so i install it through post installation thing in your installer 3. My system doesn't boot It just gets stuck at system uptime in nano seconds No addition of kext or anything Lastly i have been using hackintosh since long time , i never faced such problem . All the other builds like mavericks were running perfectly on my system .
  2. DH55TC Shutdown not working

    I am using user DSDT , patched and i am now on mavericks still the shutdown doesn't work .
  3. DH55TC Shutdown not working

    Board is DH55TC i dont know about DSDT Mountain lion 10.8.0 version
  4. I am using hackintosh with the following configuration intel core i7 860 4GB RAM ATI HD 5770 DH55TC MB Problem is that that when i click on shutdown my screen goes black but my computer doesnt really get shutdown , i have to cut of power supply to turn it completely off ? I tried evoreboot but it didint worked . I am using myhack version with Mountain Lion 10.8
  5. Try to enable that through OSX86 tools
  6. Mac Pro Hackintosh on eBay

    lol any one will laugh at this . 8400 Gs the slowest card lol even some integrated chipsets are faster than 8400 Gs
  7. Radeon 4350 Troubles

    if you want to turn on QC/QE just try with osx86 tools it have option for that
  8. the first thing you should do is graphics enabler=no becuase it doesnt work for hd 5770 and i always boot with arch=i386 and my GPU is working like charm My config Core i7 980x 3.33 Ghz 4GB ram DDR3 HD 5770
  9. Magic mouse

    I have magic mouse and i am using it with CSR based Bluetooth dongle . But I am getting constant disconnects from the magic mouse my magic mouse restarts many times I have checked battery is 100% . Haven't found any solution yet
  10. ATi Mobility 5000 Series Drivers

    lol i have my HD 5770 working flawlessly
  11. Atheros based card simple help

    lol any one here just reply if its available
  12. Atheros based card simple help

    lol any one here to help me
  13. Atheros based card simple help

    hey i have atheros based wlan stick with atheros AR9271 chipset. i am unable to find the kext for that . I have heard that there is atheros dummy kext so you can get any atheros based card work . Pls help me
  14. Building hackintosh

    I have core i7 hackintosh already but i want to builld an secondary hackintosh. I will do web surfing and movies and music and play WOW Pls suggest me configuration for that in my opinion core2duo (e7400) 2GB ram 8400gts i want to build cheap hackintosh
  15. Can i update to 10.6.5

    Hi i have i7 hackintosh . I am using voodo HDA and ethernet kext . My hackintosh intel core i7 860 @ 2.9 GHz ATI HD 5770 4GB DDR3 Mac Osx snow leopard 10.6.4 i am just asking if i update something will messed up !!