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  1. If I do that I get "Operating System not found". Also if I try to load the DMG image I get this error: Do yo think the file is corrupted? How did you do that exactly? I wasn't able to do it.
  2. I am trying to install SL 10.6 into VM Workstation 7 RC, but I am stuck at the DVD booting of the SL Darwin.ISO. Maybe something wrong in my VMX? Apple_Mac_OS_X_10.6_Snow_Leopard.vmx.txt
  3. It's not possible yet. Read the manual attached in the first post.
  4. I am not sure I understood. Can we at last use this solution to install Mac OS X 10.6 with VMware Workstation under Windows?
  5. SoundMax AD198x - AC97 Sound

    Anybody here succeded to get it working on a ASUS K8V Deluxe mainboard?
  6. Marvell Support Effort

    Here we go: [Violation of DMCA]
  7. Native Mode: System Freeze

    Use release 1 of this Generic x86 ISO patcher: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1753 You'll get a patched installation DVD with ATI kexts automatically removed.
  8. How To Read-write Ntfs Partitions On Osx86?

    I tried it and it was freezing my XP. So far, no way for me to mount an HFS+ partition in XP...
  9. How To Read-write Ntfs Partitions On Osx86?

    So far I couldn't read an HFS+ volume from XP. Neither MacDrive, nor Paragon Drive Backup Pro worked. Actually MacDrive frozed my system and I had to remove it in safe mode.
  10. Localize the installation

    From what I'm understanding with 'install' you actually meant copy/move from DVD to a local folder, and the REAL installation is done by Tinkertool System? Any specific folder, or whatever is just fine?
  11. Localize the installation

    Yes, it has been said in the first post and I'm waiting to know exactly how.
  12. Localize the installation

    Can you tell us step-by-step how you did it? I'm going to get the deadmoo img while I already have the full DVD (pheNIX release).
  13. Working yesterday, not today!

    Stupid thought: might the OS silently connect to Internet (like Windows Update) and be remotely 'blocked' by Apple?
  14. Great! I'm going to re-check all the steps and if something goes wrong I'll enter that chan. Tnx.
  15. Guys I'm stuck with xplode guide when you are going to setup VMWare. First, where does this 'Tiger-flat.vmdk' come out from? It was never mentioned before. Second, if I open Mach.vmdk and I've followed previous instructions I don't find something like but something like I'm using VMware Workstation Help.