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  1. Nice to read that! I'll be waiting for your update on external displays to know if it is worth making all that dsdt + kexts stuff you had to do.
  2. Without any GPU recognized, "About This Mac" showed 64Mb Shared Memory, but none of the 64MB strings worked... It is also unchangeable I've tried every single string with x32 and x64 graphics mode and that one is the only that has worked with my internal screen
  3. Hi, guys... I happen to have the same cpu as pcmantinker I've made my internal display work with the EFI String for device 01660004, which indicates ig-platform-id: 01660004, Stolen RAM for FB: 32MB, Pipes: 3, Ports: 1, FBMem: 1 I also set the GraphicsMode to 1920x1080x64 <key>device-properties</key> <string>7f0000000100000001000000730000000200000002010c00d041030a000000000101060000027fff04002c0000004100410050004c002c00690067002d0070006c006100740066006f0072006d002d006900640000000800000004006601140000006800640061002d0067006600780000000d0000006f6e626f6172642d31</string> Sadly, I haven't got any of my external ports to work. My laptop has HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort, and I really need to get any of them to work as soon as possible... I'll update any progress I have
  4. got mine working with Lion too Everything I've tested so far is working (I'm missing SD Reader, HDMI and FireWire) I've only been able to boot with arch=i386 flag. I don't know why, but trying to boot on 64 bit mode the computer will just keep loading. Sound output is working, but input is not. Sleep works fine, but sound crackles after resume. I have found some fixes to this (reloading kext on wake up) but haven't tried them. Can anybody share the sound kext you're using? I tried every version of VoodooHDA in [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] but each of them gave me Kernel Panic. I understand this kexts are working on 64bit mode, but as I said, I haven't been able to boot other than 32 bit. Any clue on this? Other than this, it is a pretty stable install, I think even more stable than my last SnowLeopard install. Also, since SnowLeopard I'm having this bug on VoodooPS2Controller where pressing CapsLock and some other key at the same time freezes the whole keyboard and trackpad. The only way to go through this is connecting a USB mouse and keyboard to save my work and reboot. I've disabled CapsLock key to prevent this and forced myself to get used to write capital letters with shift, but it would be nice to have my CapsLock key back again. @bunc5224 if you have a 100% working install of Lion, could it be possible for you to make a backup of your kexts with OSX86 Tool and share it with the forum? please? Since we all share specs and hardware, this could make it easier for others to install/reinstall Lion and have a less painful experience than what we've had. (I also lost my drive several times and tried for almost 2 weeks to get it working in a reliable way) Thanks
  5. somebody tried Lion on this laptop yet?
  6. How did you do to make it recognize your processor? =O .... mine shows up as "Unknown", only the speed is well shown... Also, have you tested the GTX 260M at full?? I haven't had the chance to try any really demanding games or software to check if it is working as it should... One last thing please... I used to have my G72GX fully working before, but I lost my whole hard drive and had to do everything again, it is now succesfully triple-booting Ubuntu, W7, and Snow Leopard 10.6.4... but I've been having some trouble again with kexts... is your keyboard working correctly (at least recognizing numeric keyboard) ??? if it does please send me your kexts or any method you used for it as I can't remember how I did first time... thanks!
  7. I'm having some trouble finding the kexts I had before losing my HDD =/ can anyone help me please? I've been trying to install Nvidia kexts again and again but there seems to be no change Also, I can use the mouse but it's invisible because the cursor is stuck on the top left corner of the screen so I can't know where or what am I clicking until its too late =( does anyone know how to fix this? I've never had this problem before but I think it has something to do with graphic kexts as I've said before
  8. Please everyone! I need your help! Last week I had some trouble... my brother took my laptop and I have no idea what he did but my hard drive was completely erased =/ I took this as a chance to try something new and now I'm triple-booting Ubuntu, Windows 7 and Snow Leopard Everything was working great until I reached the kexts-installation part... I had a backup of all my kexts... in the same drive ¬¬ ... so now I'm having a very bad time trying to find them again, and I'm getting the "Still waiting for root device" message when I try to boot on Snow Leopard PLEASE if any of you could upload your kexts to some file-sharing server I would really appreciate it... you all guys know how hard it is to get past this stage I tried the KEXT folder that was previously uploaded in this same topic but that's the one that caused the error message... please if you could help me as soon as posible it would be very nice...
  9. Checked this right in time... I was just about to use your method but I think now I'll wait for the caddy I was going to tell you to keep checking the sites I gave you but I just did and guess what? It's finally on stock http://estore.asus.com/shop/item.asp?itemi...6&catid=735 You'd better order yours right now... there are plenty of people that desesperately want this thing...
  10. hey there! here's the link where you should find it, but it's been out of stock for a while http://estore.asus.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=4316 I also found it here (don't know if its also out of stock) http://www.asusparts.eu/product_info.php?c...oducts_id=19904 You could also try googling the item# which is 13GNFU1AM030-1 How's the tape solution working however? I may try doing that as I'm in Mexico and shipping is way too expensive...
  11. @ebeyonder sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner... I'm used to receiving an email everytime there's a post but this time I didn't ... so I thought it was you who hadn't answered...ha anyways, I'm glad you finally solved it and don't feel sorry about the money wasted in the thumbdrive... you got a perfectly running Mac when everyone else spends at least 1000 for the same thing
  12. try that i've told before, it should work if there's any problem just let me know and we'll figure it out...
  13. hi again!... look, as I told before, I used a Snow Leopard retail CD, so I really don't know about that "hazard distro" you all talk about (sorry ) I downloaded a Mac OSX 10.6 retail from a website (can't remember where exactly) What I did is this: 1) Inserted Empire EFI to boot from the Snow Leopard CD 2) Before installation, I formatted my HDD to GUID partition table. 3) I did 3 partitions: 1 HFS Journaled case INsensitive, and 2 FAT32 (size is on you) 4) Rebooted without installing. 5) Booted from Windows7 Pro CD. (here I formatted 1 of the FAT32 partitions to NTFS and installed windows7 there)...reboot 6) Booted Empire EFI ---> Snow Leopard CD and installed Mac OSX 10.6 on HFS partition 7) After install, booted into Mac OSX using Empire EFI (only for the first boot) to install myHack bootloader (its inside Empire EFI CD) 8) Installing bootloader screwed the Windows7 boot, so I... 9) Booted Windows7 CD again. 10) Select "Repair my computer" or something like that 11) Open Command Prompt and type: bootrec.exe /fixmbr bootrec.exe /fixboot 12) Reboot again. Now you should be able to boot into Mac OSX or Windows 7 without needing a CD... The rest is kexts, kexts and more kexts ... have luck with that Sorry if this is not the answer you were waiting for but that's what I did and worked great =), considering we're on the same laptop it should also work for you... Oh and that remaining FAT32 partition I did is for storage purposes only. I like to keep a backup aand one last thing, I later splitted the Mac OSX partition to give room for a TimeMachine backup, so if you're planning to use TimeMachine you should better consider it before partitioning the HDD, the only partitions that can be resized are the HFS ones... I think that's it, I'll edit later if I remember some other config or step...
  14. I know you probably won't want to do everything again, but I suggest to do a simple installation using Empire EFI and a Snow Leopard retail CD. That's what I did and I haven't had any problems. I'm dual booting with Windows 7 in the same HDD, so I think it should be even easier for you as you don't have to make all that guid-mbr-ntfs-fat32-blablabla stuff... ha just 1 HDD for each OS and that's it
  15. If you can boot into your Mac OSX installation using your CD it means that no boot-essential kexts were changed... right before kernel panic, don't you get any message referring to a non-working kext? maybe you should try looking for kexts that are known to work in your computer... you said something about using a netbook, there's plenty of material for netbooks!