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    Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    rsmith4321: look 4 posts above yours for poohlo's (post #62) or 1 page back for my post (#59) with the most recent drivers attached. to get the volume keys working you also need the bootcamp64 .msi package from Bootcamp3.0, for example from M4xim's post a few pages back (#34) or my post (#59).
  2. Bergdoktor

    Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    poohlo's files (the x64 one) seem to be the same as those from the Bootcamp 3.1 Update installer I posted 1 page back attached to my first post. Timestamp is 2 weeks earlier (mid-january compared to 1st february), but besides that they look the same. I also checked for the additional 3 entries in the KeyMagic64.inf under bluetooth keyboards and they are present in poohlo's version. I didn't provide a repack of the x86-version so if you're running 32bit windows get poohlo's "installer". they contain an installer for the drivers (DPinst.exe) but the .exe is just another way of packing them in an self-extracting archive. As I pointed out you still need the BootCamp software to get the volume keys working with OSD. Get M4xim's Bootcamp64.msi from Bootcamp 3.0 to get them working and do the update to 3.1 with my Bootcamp64 3_1.msi if you feel like it (<- don't know about the advantages yet).
  3. Bergdoktor

    Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    got my wireless keyboard yesterday (yaay) and got it up and running in no time. I used "my" drivers and tried my repacked 3.1 Bootcamp64.msi . everything went well, but after restarting I noticed the volume control keys (F10-F12) weren't working (everything else was). So I tried installing M4xim's Bootcamp64.msi from 3.0 which gave me an error (code 2753) and cancelled the installation. After uninstalling my Bootcamp 3.1 installation from Windows "Program and Features" followed by a reboot I could install M4xim's BootCamp64.msi without error. After another restart the volume keys (together with the MacOS-que OSD) were working perfectly and there was a new tray icon present from bootcamp. I then proceeded to check whether my 3.1 Bootcamp64.msi did anything at all and during install for the first time I was prompted to stop (or let it stop them automatically) some programs running in the background - two services called "Apple Time Service" and "Apple OS Switch Manager" and BootCamp.exe which, as somebody pointed out already, gets started at windows startup. I let it do it's job and the installation completed afterwards followed with another prompt for reboot. After that all the keys were still working, and the tray icon was still there. To verify if any changes occurred from the 3.1 installation I checked the properties of some of the files that I knew were supposed to be "installed" in their respective folders by my selfmade .msi and they sure have a newer timestamp (01 Feb 2010 compared to 22 July 2009 before) and different file versions. (check the following example screenshot taken of Bootcamp.exe): This leads me to think my 3.1 installer works only after installing 3.0 first. Whether it actually makes a "real world" difference to update to 3.1 solely for the purpose of getting Apple Keyboards working flawlessly in Windows I can't tell. When I tried to access the Bootcamp Control Panel (right click on the tray icon) it gave me an error ("An error occurred while trying to access the startup disk settings. You may not have privileges to change the startup disk. Make sure you have administrative privileges and try again") even though I have admin privileges on my account. so my guess is it's checking for a Mac OS partition which isn't there what triggers the (a bit misleading) error msg. So my guess was it didn't do anything useful but when I ended the Bootcamp.exe process via Task Manager I noticed the volume control keys weren't working any more (no OSD either). Manually restarting Bootcamp.exe from the install-folder (c:\program files\Boot Camp\) made them work again. To me it seems the only thing it's doing in my case is enable the volume keys (+OSD), so the older versions should probably do the job just as well. In turn it shouldn't do any harm either having them up to date. Maybe somebody else could investigate further on the changes between 3.1 and 3.0, for example somebody with Mac OS X installed on the startup partition. Ultimately I decided to disable "Apple Time Service" and "Apple OS Switch Manager" via services.msc (don't need them because I don't have Mac OS on my native windows 7 x64 pc) and leave Bootcamp.exe in Startup checked in msconfig. I'll continue to try a few things to see if there's another component/.exe/whatever of the bootcamp-package responsible for handling the function of the volume keys as bootcamp.exe seems to delay boot a bit and doesn't offer any additional functionality (e.g. through it's tray icon) for me. Regarding the "updated" Keyboard drivers from Bootcamp 3.1 I had another interesting find: Windows Device Manager doesn't indicate any difference between using any of them two. Check the following screenshot which also shows that apparently KeyMagic.sys is the same : Comparing KeyMagic64.inf from 3.0 to 3.1 the only difference I found were the following 3 added lines (at line 111-113) in 3.1' Keyboard64.inf in the Bluetooth keyboards section %USBKeyboard.DevDesc%=Dri_BTH_Inst,BTHENUM\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb}_VID&000205ac_PID&0239 %USBKeyboard.DevDesc%=Dri_BTH_Inst,BTHENUM\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb}_VID&000205ac_PID&023A %USBKeyboard.DevDesc%=Dri_BTH_Inst,BTHENUM\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb}_VID&000205ac_PID&023B I'm using an Apple Wireless Keyboard (2 batteries) and in the device manager it tells me it has the PID 023a (see screenshot below on where to look for it yourself:) Those lines mean added driver support in 3.1 for three additional devices - probably all of them bluetooth keyboards - but I couldn't find any info about the other two devices when googling for the PIDs specified above (0239, 023B). Maybe other people can contribute by posting their hardware-ids to see if we can get more info on this subject. Anyway, this post is getting pretty long (and took me pretty long since I'm not a native speaker and finding the right words for my thoughts without repeating the same phrases over and over can be tiresome) so I'll leave it for now and report back when I find something new - especially related to needing bootcamp.exe running in the background for the volume keys to work.
  4. Bergdoktor

    Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    I've been researching all over the net for solutions on how to get my Apple Wireless Keyboard (the Bluetooth one) running on my Win 7 x64 PC (no Mac) as soon as it gets delivered by mail (should be any day now). I'm looking forward to use it to control the aforementioned PC from my couch while it's displaying on my plasma screen. On my google search - I thought the best solution might have something to do with getting Apple's Windows drivers for their keyboards out of their bootcamp package - I stumbled upon this thread and read through it to be prepared and get my AWK up and running as soon as it gets here. I signed up to this site to be able to download the various files provided by some of the contributers to this topic (thanks maxxxxxx, M4xim, ...), but - obviously - couldn't try any of them yet. Anyway, the requests for the keyboard drivers supplied in Apple's recent bootcamp 3.1 update got me to do a little more research, which led me the instructions posted there. After a bit of fiddling with the x64 (32bit should be similar) installer package I think I have succeeded. I've attached the contents of Binary.Keyboard_Bin to this post for anyone to try out but mind that I don't have my Apple Wireless Keyboard yet so I wasn't able to try this out myself. I couldn't find BootCamp64.msi necessary to follow M4xim's instructions in the bootcamp 3.1 distribution so I've added also attached the BootCamp64.msi provided by M4xim for convenience. If somebody successfully used this installer in conjunction with the updated drivers I provided at the bottom please let me know. In the meantime, I experimented a bit with 'decompiling' / altering the BootCamp64.msi and it turns out (surprise -.-) all of it's content can also be found in the "PCW_CAB_BootCamp" file you get when unpacking the BootCampUpdate64.msp file included in the original BootCamp_3.1_64-bit.exe. I created my own installer with a program called MSI Package Builder Professional (the Trial works just fine for my purpose) which besides creating own MSI Packages lets you monitor the changes made to your system by an .msi Installation. I inspected the BootCamp64.msi M4xim provided in his package with this program and replaced the files with their respective counterpart from PCW_CAB_BootCamp. I didn't bother to update the help files for languages other than german and english as it requires a lot of filename-trimming for each "BootCamp.Resources_XX.lproj_BootCampHelp.chm" and "BootCamp.Resources_XX.lproj_Resources.dll" together with placing them in their respective subfolder. I've attached my self-compiled "bootcamp64 3.1 installer" for anyone willing to try, but as stated above I couldn't verify whether it's working yet so I take no responsibility. I'll let you know how this turns out as soon as I get to try it myself, in the meantime I'm happy about any more contributions to this topic. Keep up the good work P.S.: @ marc22: I had some issues getting the multimedia keys on my Logitech PS/2 "Natural Keyboard" to work with applications in windows 7 (not limited to iTunes) when they are out of focus. The instructions posted here helped me to get all the keys working again with whatever application (media player, itunes, foobar, vlc, ... only to name a few) so I suggest you give it a try. KeyboardInstaller64_BootCamp3_1_x64.rar BootCamp64msi_M4xim.rar Bootcamp64msi_3_1_Bergdoktor.rar