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  1. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1502387 The VMWare install outline in this thread works fine with XCode as shown by my screen shot.
  2. Since grojom, the orignal creator of the how-to document seems to have disappeared, I edited out the warez links and reformatted the PDF file. I am NOT taking ownership of the technical content of this document, just re-posting valuable information that I used and found useful. I have received PMs asking for this. :censored2: Guest_Unlocker_How_to.pdf
  3. Family issue...

    That's {censored}. There are other animals in nature that mate for life, what "forced social construct" exists in geese, monkeys, or termites?
  4. Superb walkthrough - got Snow Leopard working a treat on my Dell Vostro 400. Maybe I'll even turn the whole thing into a Hackint0sh some day... I second the kudos to Albert, Donk, grojom and the countless others who contributed! I have a Mac Mini running SL at home that I use for development, but my daytime job laptop is a Toshiba. When I travel on business (frequently) I want to work on my XCode stuff at night. I use VMWare WS for work, so this is an ideal solution! A couple of notes: 1. I followed grojom's instruction PDF. Hopefully he will clean it up and repost for others. 2. I used my retail SL disk and VMW 7.1. Albert's VMWS patch applied with no issues. 3. After install I updated the system with no issues. 4. My initial attempt to install the video/audio patches froze the VM. Trying to open the IMG resulted in a beach ball of death. Needed a hard VM reboot, but then it was fine. 5. I had no sound even after installing the Ensoniq patch, System Profiler said no device installed. It turns out the new VM defaulted to no sound card. I added it to the VM, and sound works now. 6. As reported by others, sound and video are slow. My primary use for this is XCode iPhone development, so performance is really not an issue.