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  1. why cant we run hackintosh?

    Okay, to rise stuff out of the dead, I have a CQ56 (Compaq Presario) notebook PC. Lovely spec, beautiful to use... the only thing missing is OS X. Why does it seem like a BIOS issue to me, that OS X doesn't work? I've changed settings before reinstalling OS X, but this makes no sodding difference. <using iATKOS V7, my favorite disk> im so damn frustrated...
  2. HP USB VOIP handset.

    Hello, I have a HP USB VOIP phone that works with Skype, and i was wondering if i could get some drivers for mac to get the buttons working? I have the miniCD with the windows drivers, which are of no use whatsoever on my hackintosh, and i dont feel like running a parallels machine just for skype... Link to product Thxu in advance, Dr.Toxic
  3. I've managed to get hackintosh installed on my system (after a few tries). I have run audio through my hack-mac before, but using the standard jack-out's on the back of my PC. I thought that by plugging in the digital cable, my motherboard would just pump the audio over the toslink/digital-coax cable...doesnt seem to be the case. anyone know of a kext/driver that will fix this? attached is a screenshot of my output options. "Unknown" is the jack-out, "headphones" is the front jack out (not connected), and the rest is self-explanitory. no matter what i select, i cannot get audio coming out of my speakers, just the skype phone or usb headphones. EDIT!: VooDooHDA Finds SPDIF-out. its just bugging me that the OS wont use it.
  4. hacktivate iPhone 3gs

    You have probably seen this many places before, but after researching, my braincells hurt... i have an iPhone 3gs which i brought from CEX. Being in the jailbreak scene (jailbroken ipod touch 4g), I was thinking it was as simple as plug it in, JB it, insert sim, all good... but I cannot seem to get the :censored2: thing to activate. I dont know what network it was on originally (have tried o2 and Orange, but thats all we got in the house)... some helpful hints would be nice... currently using this:
  5. Topic description wouldn't fit "and Ipod Touch 4g" but hey...same gyro's except iPod touch 4g lacks a compass (for some reason). Anyway... I've got some cool bits of software on my (jailbroken) iPod Touch 4g (first thing I did was Jailbreak it). mainly stuff like SensorMouse, Beer, MyAngle ... they pick up the gyro activity and use it... I have an app called "Gyrosc", and I assume it sends its gyro info to devices via WiFi.... sounds cool...but I'm not a coder and I don't plan on learning. I was wondering if anyone knew of some software that allows use for this... such as ... well... nothing comes to mind yet... but some toy-apps mainly... but you know what i mean (hopefully).. I'm a geek that loves to play with tech stuff.
  6. KP's as soon as it tries to boot (verbose or normal) from the disk. I cannot get past the boot loader. I have a hunch that it might be the BIOS. if so, does anybody know of a BIOS hack and/or patch? or is there certain boot options I should use (besides -V and -S) VIDEO HERE
  7. QE/CI zotac 8800GT problem

    Using the iATKOS S3 Ver2 disk, I have tried that, and my build just hangs when trying to login. (blue screen). I have NVidia 8800GT 512mb I dont even get that. 1024x768 on one monitor. mac os x is the best OS i have tried (still duelbooting windows 7 for games that are not mac compatible, and webcam on skype because webcam is not mac compatible)
  8. As description. I initially installed iATKOS from ... (finds disk) V7 X32, everything ran fine, pretty perfect. I then installed iATKOS S3 Version 2 ontop of that to get the OS X upto the latest version, everything ran except graphics (NVidia 8800GT 512). i re-ran the EFIStudio thinking that it would fix my issue, then I reboot and get bluescreen. (fail to login). even booting in verbose mode doesnt help me (being a noob). Any help will be greatly apreciated. (video uploaded when camera is charged)
  9. Hello, I have had Hackintosh running for a little while now (few months) and loved it!! I am most impressed. I have updated (successfully after 3 tries) from iATKOS V7 to iATKOS S3-V2 (SL), and it works wonderfully...well...Worked.. My problem is, I tried to install a theme onto my "iMac", and it buggered up. tried to uninstall it and it buggered up even more. so i thought "got disk, reinstall, no sweat"... I reinstalled, and my Hack' hangs with a blue screen, just before logging in. in detail, the screens fliquer from blue to (only just) lighter blue, then back. a bit of HDD activity, then repeat. ------------ Graphics card drivers were installed using EFI Enabler. works after reinstall, then use enabler, hackintosh hangs again. thanks in advance, The Doctor