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  1. another update!! graphic fully working.. i felt dumb for a while cuz i forgot efi string for the card lol
  2. update: i already got network working!! i didnt do anything.. another atempt on installation then it just works!! and running on 64bit with all sound network working with full 1680x1050 resolution working... only problem is i didnt see the translucent menubar.. i only add resolution string on smbios com.boot.apple.plist. do u know how to get it translucent cuz i`m feeling the graphics is not fully working.. i cannot run in 32bit mode cuz my network will not work.. weird...
  3. yeah.. i`m on 8600GT .. need to knpw how to get it fully working... only works in 32bit with full resolution.. but not in 64bit.. would love to know the solution.. thanks a bunch!!
  4. thank you for the reply and the package... i sucessfully install snow.. but the only thing that didnt work.. is the network... sound works... but not ethernet.. did u get the same problem as mine before ???
  5. Hi there.. good to hear that u succesfully install SL... but i`m still in the middle of it... wondering if you could help me or any other ppl using the same mobo.. here are my specs Mobo: GA-X48-DQ6 GPU: Nvidia 8600GT 512mb ddr3 RAM: 3GB DDR2 HDD: 250GB SATA DVDRW: Pioneer (IDE) Installation method: Using untouched SL dual layer disc. so my question is.. 1. what type of optical drive ur using? sata or pata? can i use pata? 2. I`m using blackosx's boot cd with ur extra files. when booting the next installation with -v mode. i can see "still waiting for root devices" (i already enables AHCI mode" and also tried using my older legacy ahci kext. but still stuck at that part. it would be great ifyou could share with us ur boot cd iso i`m still noob on this.. hope you can point out my mistakes so i can start on the right path.. thanks!!
  6. R.I.P Prawker

    This is sad.. R.I.P Prawker