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  1. I had issues with this update on t410, but when i did a clean install of 10.8.2 with this update included i was able to make it work fine. Don't ask what the difference is.
  2. I can't boot into single user mode [even with -x switch], but I did boot into safe boot and removed caches. Unfortunately - no change. EDIT: I've removed the caches using installer and running console there, and now I get: Kernel Extensions in backtrace: com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamilu(1.8) dependency: com.apple.driver.AppleKeyStore(28.21) cn.sh.fang.ThinkpadUltraNav(1.1) EDIT2: after removing the ThinkpadUltraNav kext [and cleaning caches] I end up with same message as on the photo from 2 posts before. EDIT3: I have reinstalled using myHack, I've applied the DSDT and kexts from this thread and everything seems to be ok [haven't tested everything, but it boots to Mac just fine!]. I'm not sure what the problem was, but now it works even without the ThinkpadUltraNav kext.
  3. Damn it... It's not about voodoops2 kext. It's kind of strange... Here's what I get when I try to start with -v [-x works fine] - take a look at the attachment. :/
  4. hey again, I was able to install 10.8.2 on T410 and boot it, however.. I've got an issue [as usuall]. So when I boot with VoodooPS2.kext I won't be able to use keyboard/trackpad. I can't even use anything else connected via usb. I am able to boot into safe mode and there it works fine. I've removed VoodooPS2.kext and tried to boot again, however I was not able to. I get a white screen for a minute or two and then my laptop reboots. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  5. Are you running on T410? If so, can you share your kexts/dsdt?
  6. Hi, After installing Mountain Lion, the key which usuaaly has ~ character has a different one [paragraph]. I can't get it to work. I can't change keyboard type [neither in system preferences nor using KeyboardAssistant [it says that there are no unknown keyboards]] and when I open up Ukelele it reports correct character under the key :/ What else can I do to get the correct character? Thanks
  7. Hmmm not really. The only kexts I've seen updated are not the ones provided by Joshhh. Anyway, I've copied over the ones provided again with no luck. Right now, even the safe mode won't start. There's a change however. There's no activity indicator [finally remembered how this damn thing is called ] when loading the system, and the HDD led blinks from time to time. So I'm testing my patience to see if it will boot eventually. EDIT: no luck... I've tried installing OS again and performing update without applying kexts/dsdts and... no luck as well. Damn :/ Any thoughts?
  8. I've installed the latest update from Apple on my T410 with ML and I can't boot to system. I get the apple logo with round 'working' animation and that's it. After a minute or two the screen darkens and I get "you need to restart your computer..." notification. I cannot start using verbose mode [stops somewhere in the middle with no error], however I can boot into safe mode. Is there anything special I should do after the upgrade? Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot! I've modified my smbios.plist file to include settings from your 1st post and I've removed the nullcpupowermanagement kext and sleep works perfectly! You were also correct about the CPU frequency. When starting my laptop connected to the MiniDock the frequency is reported as 1.2GHz. When started with the power cord connected directly it works great and reports the CPU freq correctly. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm using the latest kexts and DSDT from this thread on my T410, and almost everything works great. I was able to flash my bios to remove whitelist and put an old Atheros card into the WWAN slot - works ok. No crashes, no panics... however... My CPU [i7-620M] is reported as i7 1.2GHz [number of cores is reported fine - 2]. I didn't run any benchmarks yet to see how this report relates to the actual performance. Unfortunately, there's other thing and it's more important: sleep does not work. Power button keeps blinking and... that's it. Like I've said, I'm using all the kexts from this thread. Is there anything I can do to make it work? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I've also got T410 with i7-620 and nvidia graphics, however I don't have such graphics settings in bios [ability to choose between graphic chips] - i've got the latest bios. Anyway... I can install Lion just fine - after installation I don't have sound nor I cannot control screen brightness. However... after copying the DSDT file to desktop, running ###### and rebooting I get a blank screen. Well I get the white apple loading screen and then the screen goes blank. I think I can log in, because after typing my password there is a lot of hdd activity, but that's it. I've tried connecting external monitor - no use. Any tips on how to proceed? The only things I need is the brightness control and sound :/ Thanks.