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  1. Interactive Terminal Wallpaper

    Thanks, but I don't think iTerm is capable "sticking" to the background, nor remove the title line. (Well, i couldn't find anything capable of doing it). Just thought it looked so nice/geeky in when i ran linux... and i don't think i want to do it with X11...
  2. Interactive Terminal Wallpaper

    Hi I've been looking and looking for ways to do this, but nothing shows. So i thought i'd take the last resort. Ask on the forums. So... Is there anyone who knows an app, or a Terminal mod that can give me a transparent, interactive shell wallpaper? Thought i could somehow use Viser, somehow set it to always on-bottom, and then remove the hide function (So it stays open), but i can't get past the stay-below-everything-else step (The other one seems easy though). Anyone who got any ideas? Apps, mods, cocoa programming experience? Any help appreciated! - Kenny
  3. How do you Play CS:Source on a non-Intel G5?

    Windows emulators? There's no such thing! Emulators "simulate" hardware. Windows is software, therefore not emulated. Also, ever thought of what WINE is an abbreviation for? "Wine Is Not an Emulator" WINE doesn't emulate, it simply makse the windows-api's available in the OS WINE is running in (In this case Mac OS X).
  4. Installing leopard on pc with geniune retail disk

    as the genuine image is 6,7 GB, i believe you will run a little out of space...
  5. FlightGear for OSX

    n00bz ;P as i said, its simple, set the plane so its in parallel with the runway, turn the engines to the max, and at the end of the runway, pull up (dont touch left/right before you got a good altitude)
  6. Can you open files from ps2,xbox, or gamecube

    dark4181: BEEEP negative, you are the weakest lead, bye. No, they aint Nintendo's own format, they ARE dvd's, but the format maybe something wierd, but the hardware is DVD's, else, how would you run HB from DVD-R mini, and *cough* roms *cough* from same media?
  7. FlightGear for OSX

    I made it run, but it lags like hell, so its not fun... i like flightsimulators alot, so i hope theres another non-lagging simulator out there all non-fullscreen games i tried lags :/ FlightGear... some redline racing game... and djeglin: first press r to make it lag a little less. then release the breake and hold lower-case a, that should make it accellerate. when you reach the end of the takeoff thingy that i dont know the name of in english, pull up by pressing down. Then you should be flying.
  8. Titan not working?

    Im on 10.4.7 as 10.4.8 keeps panicing... Maybe thats the GeForce driver that makes it panic? but USB doesnt work in 10.4.8, PS/2 neither, so im having a hard time making input in single user mode
  9. Titan not working?

    Heres my screenshot of -v > http://img484.imageshack.us/img484/2835/img0023al1.jpg i just isntalled Titan as in the guide, but then it does that, and freezes, nothing else happens. Im using a GeForce 7300 LE (HP) GFX chipset By deleting Titan.kext and mkext and kextcache, i was able to boot again, but i want titan please help...
  10. 10.4.7 works almost, 10.4.8 doesnt at all

    Turorials? never thought of that forum but thanks
  11. 10.4.7 works almost, 10.4.8 doesnt at all

    Ethernet on the wiki: PRO/100 VE Intel Needs device ID added to plist what plist? and what do i need to add? what string? and i also found a soundfix: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...ic=8864&hl= *crosses fingers*
  12. That means that theres pulled to much power from the USB host, each USB device can work in 3 modes, the "powered by host" mode can only pull 500 mA, while the other ones can pull less. Either its true, to much power use, or a driver failure
  13. Ok, i tried 10.4.8, but it didnt work, so i downloaded 10.4.7, and it installed But there no ethernet, wireless or sound. Ethernet: Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection (onboard) Wireless: Wireless LAN PCI 802.11 b/g adapter WN5301A (PCI) Sound: Realtek HD Audio (onboard) i can see the ethernet in locations in system profiler, but no where else... please help and google dont give me any kexts, so any help there? im a linux user, but im n00b at Mac OS X(86) :S
  14. kernel panic!

  15. 10.4.8 boot problems

    I get the same problem, to get a screen signal, press f8 before you see the loading darwin part. then type "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@75" to make it work. Also try adding the -v sign to see why it reboots. rerelease md hash: a1960475511ffb5ecc7447ac7d71d44c