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  1. iLenovo G550

    hi hatrick, sorry 4 my abcenses since i had to go to outer island of my country. how can i dump video rom of 105M in mac? i dont have dual os like yours. also im havent yet try your 2nd release, but i still wait for next perfect release. this is current dsdt i was used for, sometimes when i turn my g550 on battery power will result of random KP. also i swithced to hibernate only, i cannot using safesleep since changed the bootloaders to newer version (R700).dsdt.aml.zip
  2. iLenovo G550

    hi hatrick, , this morning i bought the p8600, after the cpu installation the screen just blank when i tried to turn it on. what i need to do? do i need to do something with the bios? or my motherboard natively unsuported?i've trying using p8400, p7350, t7500.... still the no result, even if i tried to enter bios recovery mode regards *please answer me this is urgent
  3. iLenovo G550

    umm, latest read was in range of 60 to 80(heavy use) degress also the cpu fan never stop working.... i've been use the RC5 with C&P generator, still there is no difference... my touchpad feels hot(when dvd inserted will doubles the HOT! ) it is needed do something for cpu clock in smbios? i change the value based on my cpu speed?
  4. iLenovo G550

    hi nomaj, can you make dsdt from hacktrick 105M dsdt(i was used it) to make the T6500 run native speed step? i think it was necessary for the next release of bootCD please.. regards
  5. iLenovo G550

    hi hacktrick, after upgrade to 10.6.5, i've found error when i want to change the network preferences, it won't load, even if itried to replaced with older network preference pane, also, my touchpad preferences were something like broken but the touchpad still works normally even if i using 2 fingers scroll. may i loose hope? anyone has made successfull update to 10.6.6?
  6. iLenovo G550

    sorry, i've just trying again using my 10.6.4 recovery, and its works!! all using your bootcd-kext!! i noticed that updating 10.6.5 in 64bit mode is not good idea so the solution for me are, enter the safemode, update, remove useless kext, and repair permission now im still check the update result make a normal environment like 10.6.4 or not p.s : i've try to solve cpu throttling control, and no result there, because some program like cpu-x detect that my t6500 doesnt show throttle activity. were your t6600 throttled normally as in windows?
  7. iLenovo G550

    Need Help! i've been trying to updated to 10.6.5 my G105 seems fail to be recognized when i not using -f -v command, i've trying to modify boot.plist or else but there's no chance to solve it mac seems to be booting. but the screen was halted. i can log in to OS (but screen still halted on the apple booting screen - i see from my hardisk activity and i can shut down using power button+enter) please
  8. iLenovo G550

    of course just restore from dvd to usb using disk utility(from mac/hackintosh machine)
  9. Lenovo G550 users, Any update for 10.6.5 release version? I get KP when I try to 64bit booting
  10. iLenovo G550

    i have tried it, but the result are not detected any camera here my camera type : USB High-Speed Bus: Host Controller Location: Built-in USB Host Controller Driver: AppleUSBEHCI PCI Device ID: 0x3a3a PCI Revision ID: 0x0003 PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086 Bus Number: 0xfd Lenovo EasyCamera: Product ID: 0x0145 Vendor ID: 0x5986 Version: 14.10 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Bison Electronics Inc. Location ID: 0xfd300000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 500
  11. iLenovo G550

    hi Hacktrix2006, very2 much thanks that i can make clean install up to 10.6.4 i use retail 10.6.3 - family pack here my step to get neat installation (single boot- after patch the bios of course): (you can remove this thread if it useless ) 1. boot with lenovo G550 cd run with -f -v 2. install the OSX (using mouse to help ) 3. install chameleon 2 RC4 V3 - reboot 4. boot to safe mode then copy extra folder from the preboot dmg - combined by extra folder itself 5. copy my 105M kext + PM45 dsdt 6. install the bootloader RC5 from the cd and remove AppleHDA kext 7. install voodooHDA kext with kext helper 8. install trackpad to both extra & S/L/E folders(for this will be use kext helper) 9. install pfix + lspci then repair permission using kext utiliy => reboot 10.in this state, my cpus temperature read as 80 to 90 degrees 11. reboot in safe mode, i update => 10.6.4 then remove AppleHDA => reboot again 12. reboot in -f -v, completed my installation wtih 60 degress normally(add lizard : correct cpu clock+fsb) still... cant get Lenovo EasyCamera get works, even if i uses Camtwist trick
  12. iLenovo G550

    Just keep trying to make clean install from your latest bootcd(18june) it can't load my trackpad. When installer done, I checked out that appleps2controller was nowhere and already replaced by applekeyHID + applemouse HID. When I tried to remove and replace with voodoops2 kernel panic occur several times on reboot. Altough success on boot, keyboard just not works. any idea to resolve this?
  13. iLenovo G550

    Nomaj, can u send me too, So tired to change bios date every cmos reset occur
  14. iLenovo G550

    Ok, flashin has done, switch 5100 to 4311 done too,installation goes well thanks very much for step details. I want to ask, Were your webcam works normally? Because it was detected but not working on mine Also the 105 kext contains at cd make flash my lcd.... Any solution? I'm not yet update to 10.6.4. I just want to make sure my install goes well without KP.
  15. iLenovo G550

    Ok then, thanks for advice, But when I tried to download from your wincrisis link, there's no sign of download/ maybe in my country had a limitation. Can you give me other link or here maybe?